Property Owners Handbook - Page 10

II . O V E R V IE W Bonita Bay Design Review One of the most appealing aspects of Bonita Bay is the beautiful blending of architecture and environment. The Bonita Bay Design Review Committee helps guide the building process and assure longterm community quality. The ultimate goal of this DRC is to protect the beauty and desirability of the Bonita Bay community by the use of strict Design Review guidelines and specific native landscaping requirements. The governing documents require that all exterior modifications to your home and existing landscaping, including the golf course buffers, need to be reviewed and approved by the DRC. The Committee meets regularly to review plans. Submittal of written plans and a completed application, with application fee, is required by the DRC. The following is a sample list of what needs to be reviewed: 8 • Paint colors • Accessory/decorative structures • Landscape renovations • Screen enclosures • Solar panels • Satellite dishes • Storm shutters • Roofing changes • Exterior building modifications • Pools & spas • Fence additions • Lawn ornaments/statues • Driveway materials It is unfortunate, but often residents are reminded of these restrictions only after violating them. The most common restriction violations include: • Paint colors • Landscape additions or deletions • Flags & flagpoles • Trimming of golf course buffers • Lawn ornaments/statues • Poorly maintained mailboxes • Accessory structures • Signage Remember, if you are unsure about your planned home improvements, contact Design Review at (239) 495-8111 prior to beginning work. w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m