Promotion Tool Kit GIE+EXPO 2017 - Page 9

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US AT (800) 558-8767. VISIT US AT WWW.GIE-EXPO.COM. GIE+EXPO WEBSITE BUTTON AD $1,400 COLUMN BANNERS Online ads and links appearing on GIE+EXPO’s website ( provide additional exposure beginning 12 weeks prior to the event. Web advertising is the perfect opportunity to put your message directly in front of your target audience. LOBBY AREA BANNERS Increase your visibility on the show floor! Vertical column banner size cannot exceed 3’ x 15’ and must be one-sided. We supply the banner that you design. Sign up early to get your choice of the best location. $1,800 EXHIBITOR LOUNGE Make a statement as attendees enter the show — even before they stop at your booth! Vertical banner size cannot exceed 5’ x 15’ and must be two-sided. Production and delivery are the responsibility of the sponsor. Enjoy the benefits of this very popular promotion. “YOU ARE HERE” SIGNS $2,200 GIE+EXPO WEBSITE BANNER AD $3,000 Benefit from instant visibility each time visitors check our website, register for badges and book hotel rooms. The website is heavily promoted in advertising and direct mail and is updated frequently. Your customers and potential customers will have many reasons to view this sponsorship often. You will receive a highly visible banner ad at the top of every page of EXCLUSIVE 1 SPONSOR EXCLUSIVE 1 SPONSOR $3,000 COMMERCIAL MOWER GIVEAWAY $3,300 Everyone at GIE+EXPO visits the demo area. Due to the expansion of the Kentucky Exposition Center, the transportation between the indoor and outdoor exhibits and through the demo area is more important than ever. Signage will reinforce your brand. GIE+EXPO LANYARDS $2,200 If your company sells to suppliers, this is your chance to meet representatives of 800 major companies. Sponsor can provide refreshments and logo-imprinted napkins. Attendees will look here for directions while on the show floor. Your name and booth number, clearly visible on the floor plan, will let them know right away where you are. At least 10 signs will be located in the highest traffic areas of the show, including the outdoor demo area. TRAMS TO THE DEMO AREA $1,800 Show management will mail 60,000+ brochures to lawn & landscape professionals with this popular giveaway highlighted. These professionals will be eligible automatically by registering online for GIE+EXPO. Your company gets exposure from the pre-show mailings, our website and in the Show Insider. A press release will be sent announcing the winner. Sponsor supplies mower. $3,500 INTERNET CAFÉ Everyone who wears a GIE+EXPO badge will want a lanyard to protect their clothing. Everyone who reads a GIE+EXPO badge will see your logo and message on the lanyard. Sponsor provides lanyards. This is one of the most appreciated features at GIE+EXPO. Each Internet Cafe includes a minimum of three computers and one printer. Your company’s home page will be on the desktop of each computer. You will also get your company’s name & logo prominently displayed in the Café. Purchase all three Internet Cafés for $10,000. EXCLUSIVE 1 SPONSOR 8 $3,500