Promotion Tool Kit GIE+EXPO 2017 - Page 29

New Products Showcase Deadline: Applications must be received by 9/18/17 to be listed in the Show Directory Please send to: GIE+EXPO / PO Box 139 / New Albany, IN 47151 800-558-8767 / 812-949-9200 / Fax: 812-949-9600 / This is your chance to spotlight your newest products and multiply your exposure at GIE+EXPO in the New Products Showcase. This feature will be located on the tradeshow floor near the popular food court. The Showcase provides you with many points of contact: • Signage, created by show management, in the feature area will direct customers to your booth. No other signage is allowed. • Items in the Showcase will be placed on 6' x 8' pedestals – spotlighting the industry's latest products on a grand scale. (Weight Limit: 2000 lbs.; Size Limit: 10'.) Products exceeding 10' dimensions will not be allowed due to space limitations. • Participating products will be highlighted in the onsite directory and on the GIE+EXPO website. • No promotional materials are allowed by products. This section must be completed for consideration in the New Products Showcase. Eligibility 1. Products are eligible if they are introduced after October 2016. 2. Exhibitor must justify why their product(s) should be considered for this special exhibit. 3. There is an entrance fee of $350 per product. 4. There is no multiple-entry discount. Limits based on paid exhibit space: • 100-500 nsf – 1 product • 501-1000 nsf – 3 products • 1001 nsf and more – 5 products Please use the following space to justify why your product(s) should be included in this showroom. ONE FORM MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EACH PRODUCT. COPY FORM AS NEEDED FOR EACH NEW PRODUCT. Product Name: _____________________________________ Introduction date (month & year): _________________________ Size of new product: ________________________________ Weight of new product: _______________________________ Brief description of product: ___________________________ ___________________________________________________ Payment – Please enclose a check (payable to GIE/OPEI LLC) or provide credit card info. If you have multiple products, you may attach the forms and submit one payment. _______ product(s) x $350 = $____________ o MasterCard o Visa Card Number_________________________________ Expiration Date _______________ o American Express Security Code _______________________________ Name on Card____________________________________________ Authorized Signature____________________________________________________________________________________ Exhibiting Company _____________________________________________ Indoor Booth No._________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________________ Phone _________________________ Fax _________________________ Email _________________________ Contact ___________________________________________________ Date _________________________ Contact at Show Site __________________________________________ Cell Phone _________________________ (please print) 28