Promotion Tool Kit GIE+EXPO 2017 - Page 10

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US AT (800) 558-8767. VISIT US AT WWW.GIE-EXPO.COM. GIE+EXPO SHOW BAGS $3,900 GIE+EXPO PROGRAM GUIDE AD $4,500-$7,500 Success at GIE+EXPO is “in the bag” when your company becomes the exclusive Show Bag sponsor. Imagine your company name emblazoned on the thousands of Show Bags that will be available to every attendee. And, inside each bag — your literature! The sponsor provides bags and literature. The Program Guide is a 32 pg show program distributed to 60,000+ industry contacts via direct mail & magazine inserts. Show management will provide copies free to advertisers. The Guide will be divided into three sections; “What is included with Registration”, “Optional Events”, and “Registration & Travel Process”. $4,500 Single Page Ad, $5,000 Inside Front Cover, $7,500 Spread Ad. EXCLUSIVE 1 SPONSOR DEALER BOOT CAMP The sponsoring company’s name will be seen on every GIE+EXPO attendee. Attendee badges are highly visible to all those attending throughout the three days of the show. This hot sponsorship is available to one company only. Every show registrant r receives eceii ves an entry ece e try form and instructions ins tructions for entering along with their badge. You must be present to win. Be there Friday, Oct. Sponsored by 21 to see 2016 if f your 19 name - 21, is called. OCTOBER & RETAILERS DEALERS, DISTRIBUTORS SHANNON MILLER JASON DORSEY BIG SAVINGS by seeing all Save time and money marketplace. suppliers in 1 mega BIG IDEAS with Grow your business education and training. BIG INNOVATIONS new products, Compare and test technology. equipment and BIG ENTERTAINMENT three and hav H[]]ܚ›YوYHۘ\˂STSPHVMN N ͍“KH8(  BRTՒH LˑQKQVːB BTBUӈ Uӈ STBVTUH HӔԂ L QJVRTHQӔ\[X][H \\[]H][Y\˜]Y[H^[\Z\ܝ[H[˂ۜܜ\[[YHH &x&H 8&x&HYۜ]XXX]\][ۋXۚ][ۈۈH\Bۜ]H]H]HYۜ[Hܝ[]B\HHY[^XX]XHۈ\\Y]Z[XKX]\\[[[YHXY\YۜۈXX\˂QSSQTHHSTBR•R K UPUVBۙHXH][YB[[\[Y\^x&\[YHX\[ۋPSTQVB L UPUVBQJVUSQHQT‰ L X[\[\[H]Z[XHX[\]Z[\XXX[YYXH \X]ܜۛK[\\[x&\H[[HZ[[B\^YY[X[HK\XX][ۜX\HQJVX]K\XܞKQJV’[Y\XY^[K[ۋ\]HYۘYH܈X[\][[Z[[ˈ[Y][ۋ[\\[x&\™Y]ܚX[[HX]\Y[HX[\[\\H[H[K\YHY[HXY[Bܘ[HZYKQJVUHTT”ԐHHRQB L HYK^YX\YܙY[Y[\Y[\[Y܂\[XXHۜܜ\ [\\[HB[Hۈ\^HY]H™]\H[YH\]ܜ\[Z\^K›X[Y[Y[[\[H܈H ݙ\XYYۜ[H[\H\H[\H[\[Yۈ[Y\وHYۜ˂SQSTPԖB]ۈ [\H\ܙX]YH[\K\KB[ Yܙ]SHو[ Y][ KX\Y\\[ܝ[]Y\][\\[\\X[]BYܙK\[[Y\HˈY\X]YZYܙHH[[XZ[QHYYXKQJV H\ˈHY \]X[]HXY^[B\^Z[[\Y\\X]Y]XZ܈[[XX^HوH˂[]HޞH MLˌ H܈ޞPYK]HYH\XܞH\HZKZYKYX\B[\\H܈]\H][YH\][Y\B\]H۝X\܈]\H^X][\[KY\\\XZ]HH[Z][H^X]܈\[]YH۝[\[\H L ]ܙ\ܚ\[ۈ[HX]\YXX[ۋԑPUHSTӈӔԔTHSQJVӐTTQT’]HHܙX]YXH܈Hۜܜ\][B۸&]YHۈ\\[[HZHH\™\Yۈ[\ۏ۝X\X][\YXH[H[\\X[[]H[XZH]HX[]KHXH܈[\H]ܚ[XXYY\Hˈ[\[[H\XHۂYۘYH]H[HX[KYYܙY[Z[HYN[H\XܞK’[Y\[KH  \[[ۜˈB M[\Z[\[H[[Yۋ܈[۝Xܙ[\[][ [[ TZ[K MMNML˂[^HH8$  H MN N ͍[^HH8$  H MN N ͍ŽBSԖBTP”TPBSUQUSUQUSTԈQHQBӐTUHPHQSTVBSTԈQHQHӐT•VPԖITx&TPSSSHԐTT‘QVBQTVBӐTӔԑQBӈBQBUHP HQSTVBHԐTT•QTVBVPԖI(PSTVBTx&TPSSSБT NK M8(SUSQT‘QVB MHBӐTӔԑQБT LKST8(RTՒSKӈBːBSPHV”QB(ˑQKQVБT NK MӑN  H MN N ͍“БT LK M8(PSTVB(SUSQT’SPHVST(RTՒSKBӑN  H MN N ͍¸(ˑQKQV˂BS