Promo November - December 2013

s er st ff il st o h la ll w s a re k a oc st Focus on food OFFERS VALID 1ST NOVEMBER - 31ST DECEMBER 2013 Fantastic Winter Prices It’s the run up to Christmas so we thought we’d bring you an early Christmas present with some heavily discounted prices on some everyday product lines. We’ve also included some wonderful cakes and desserts to see you right through to the new year. With prices this low please buy early to avoid disappointment as all offers are whilst stocks last. Cooking Sauces Simple to make and perfect bases to many sauces. Both will make 10-13 litres of finished sauce. Instant Coffee PLUS FREE Bechamel Sauce Mix 7979 - 1x2kg £14.70 NOW Chocolates £11.70 Demi Glaze Sauce Mix 44397 - 2x750gm tins of coffee + 1.25kg tin of Quality Street 8831 - 1x2kg £20.42 NOW £45.93 £15.42 SAVE £3 SAVE £5 Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix SAVE 20585 - 1x2kg £5.33 £5 SAVE OVER 40% NOW £2.99 Granulated Sugar 8467 - 1x25kg £23.82 NOW Traybake Selection 93072 - 36x95gm SAVE OVER 20% A delicious selection of chocolate slices made from scratch recipes and handmade with only good quality ingredients such as Irish Butter & Belgian Chocolate. £32.04 NOW £25.00 £18.82 SAVE £1.50 Pure Goose Fat 20155 - 1x1.2ltr £7.63 1573 - 1x380ml £7.99 NOW Totally TA NOW £6.13 ”Blaze” Balsamic Glaze £4.99 Ask you rep or call us for your copy ST ChristmY as Offers available from November 18th to Decemb er 24th SAVE £3 Yorkshire 01484 536688 North West 01254 828330