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TRANSPORT & SERVICE 2514 AVAILABLE IN LADIES FIT P. 165 2514 WAISTPANTS Waistpant in modern fit with side pockets and safety pocket with zipper on the right side. Two leg pockets, the left one with a flap and an internal phone pocket and the right one for pens, paper and folding rule. Back pockets. D-ring in front. Internal knee protection pockets. Material: Color: Size: 65% polyester, 35% Cotton. 245g/m 2 navy-58, black-99 C44–C62, D84–D120, C146–C156 58 99 4504 4504 WAISTPANTS Waistpants with many functional pockets. Two leg pockets for phone, pens and tools. For greater durability, pockets are reinforced with Cordura®. Inter- nal pockets for knee protectors. Material: Color: Size: 96 88 65% polyester, 35% cotton 245 g/m 2 Reinforcements: 100% polyamide, Cordura ® dark grey-96 C44–C62, D84–D120, C146–C156