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SUSTAINABLE. New Wave Group has two main strategies to decrease our environmental impact and to cut our emission of greenhouse gases. First of all, we must influence the transportation companies that we are working with. Our membership in “Clean Shipping Index” aims to impact the shipping companies to use cleaner vessels by ranking the most high-performing ships. The Group works with some of the largest transportation com- panies on the market, all of which have environmental programs in place for their operations. Secondly, we always strive to improve our internal logistics and work methods. Within our group of com- panies, we club together as much as possible of our shipments and transportations. In addition to protect- ing the environment, sustainable solutions can also contribute to the streamlining of our operations. To learn more about our Code of Conduct and our sustainability work, please visit The New Wave Group’s homepage. We have the possibility to contribute and make a difference through our global operations. ProJob is a part of New Wave Group. New Wave Group is working with social and environmental sustainability under the IMPROVING WORKING CONDITIONS New Wave Group is never far away from the manu- facturing of our products. Being represented on site enables us to have a close partnership with our suppli- ers and to actively monitor their business operations. We have a CSR-team, which consists of full-time staff dedicated to visit our suppliers, monitor and support them with various social and environmental topics. As a member of BSCI, New Wave Group has adopted the BSCI Code of Conduct. It contains requirements on minimum wage, working hours and the prohibition of child labour, among several other requirements from international conventions like to ILO Conventions and the Declaration of Human Rights. New Wave Group has a commitment towards BSCI to engage our suppliers in third party examination by independent auditors. term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). As our customer, you are supporting this work. WE LIKE SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS New Wave Group believes in classic design and good quality products - a concept that will never be out- of-fashion. We hope you will enjoy our products for a long time. All products can be customized to your pre- cise demand, which is a good way to ensure long-last- ing use and sustainable consumption. It is important to New Wave Group that our products are safe and free from restricted chemicals. New Wave Group is a member of the Swedish Chemicals Group at Swerea IVF to receive the most updated information on legislation and developments. This supports our active work to reduce and replace chemicals in line with best available technique. All our suppliers must follow the requirements in our Restricted Substance List. The list has been designed in accordance with legislations such as REACH, but also taking into account industry recommendations and standards. As a result, our requirements are often stricter than the applicable legislation. Having both internal and external audits is a quality assurance to us. We strive for constant improvements and continuous development. New Wave Group is a signatory member of the pioneer- ing Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. The Accord is a binding contract between brands, international and local trade unions and NGOs. Its aim is to make all garment factories in Bangladesh safe workplaces, which includes a program of safety inspec- tions and a commitment to ensure that the necessary repairs and renovations are carried out. The Accord will have significant impact on he daily lives of millions of textile workers in Bangladesh. We are proud to be a part of this project. 7