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CONSTRUCTION & INSTALLATION 5501 5501 WAISTPANTS Waistpants in durable cotton. Two holster pockets that can be tucked into the side pockets, one with extra pockets and one with tool loops. Holster pockets are reinforcemed with 100% Cordura®. Leg pockets for phone, pens and tools. Two adjustable hammer holders. Two D-rings. Folding rule pocket with tool pocket and knife button. Bottom of back side of legs reinforced with Cordura®. Extra wide back pockets. Pre-bent knees. Internal pockets for knee protectors reinforced with Cor- dura®, adjustable in two height levels. Material: Color: Size: 100% cotton 375 g/m 2 Reinforcement: 100% polyamide, Cordura ® navy-56, stone-83, black-99 C44–C62, D84–D120, C146–C156 83 99 56 Tshirt 2016 p. 151 65