Projob PROJOB 2019 ENG - Page 52

CONSTRUCTION & INSTALLATION 5414 5414 SERVICE JACKET EXTREME Hard-wearing canvas jacket. Two breast pockets, the right one with phone pocket, pen pockets and ID-card holder. The left pocket with zip. Slanted front pockets. Pre-bent sleeves. Extended back. Inner pockets with do- cument pocket. Adjustable waist and cuffs. Reclective Cordura® details. Material: Color: Size: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. 100% 320gsm polyamide reinforcement black-99 XS-3XL 99 STRETCH 5524 5524 WAISTPANTS EXTREME Waistpants with ergonomic padded yoke for opti- mum comfort. Two holster pockets that can be tuck- ed into the side pockets, with extra compartments and internal Cordura® reinforcement. Back pockets with reinforced inside, flap on left one. Reinforced front folding rule pocket, detachable at bottom, pen pockets and knife button. Leg pocket with mobile compartment. Stretch fabric in crotch. Pre-bent knees with internal pockets with kevlar for knee protectors, adjustable in two height levels. Reflective Cordura® details. Colour grey-98 has got an extra knife pocket. Material: Color: Size: 99 52 98 60% cotton, 40% polyester. 100% 350gsm polyamide reinforcement grey-98, black-99 C44–C62, D84–D120, C146– C156