Projob PROJOB 2019 ENG - Page 5

DOWN TO EARTH. We are prone to describe ourselves as very much down to earth. One foot is placed in our tradition, the other one in our aspira- tions. And in spite of a history that stretches decades back, we consider us a young company. Experience mixed with curiosity and an open mind. From our base on the Swedish westcoast we are always close: Close to our core values, ergonomics, function and quality. Close to our target group, the workers and crafts- people who choose ProJob and rely on the garments in every aspect of their work. Close to the suppliers, retailers and markets. With short and effective decisionmaking, the dialogue with our partners is always ongoing and our presence in our production and retail market is high. So: Down to earth with both feet on the ground. Always aspiring forwards, upwards. That is ProJob. 5