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WASHING INSTRUCTIONS CHOOSE SIZE CAREFULLY WASHING Size is extremely important when it comes to work clothes – it affects function, wear and ergonomics. ProJob clothing is designed with flex - bility in mind. Clothes that are the wrong size prevent the wearer from moving around freely. Pockets and other functional details which are used repeatedly during the working day need to be positioned where they can be reached easily. If the clothing is the wrong size, either the positioning of the pockets will force the wearer to make strenu- ous movements, or the pockets will serve no purpose at all. It’s also extremely important for the knee protectors to be in the right place to prevent unnecessary wear. The size also affects how long clothes last – the tighter the garment, the greater the strain on the seams and the fabric. All our garments are properly tested. Each of our garments has its own washing instructions, and it’s important to follow these. If a garment is always washed with similar colours and at the recom- mended temperature, it will stay looking good for longer. “Wash separately” in the washing instructions means that the colour of the fabric may run – for these garments, which may initially have a little extra dye, it is particularly important to follow the washing instructions. PREWASH Use the same amount of detergent as in the main wash cycle when prewashing very dirty clothes, but skip the prewash cycle complete- ly for less dirty garments. Soaking garments is not recommended due to the damage which undisolved detergent can do to fabrics. DETERGENT The ProJob collection includes sizes to meet every need. Almost all our tops are available in XS–4XL and almost all our trousers are availa- ble in C44–C62, D84–D120 and C146–C156 (see Size Guide page 209 for details). Always be sure to use the correct amount of detergent – see the detergent packaging. Choose a bleach-free detergent which is suitable for the temperature of the wash. DRYING Only tumble dry as a last resort – if you have enough time and space, hanging garments out to dry is recommended as this is bet- ter for your clothes. Smooth out the fabric and the seams before hanging up a garment. When tumble drying, the garment should never be completely dried, as this causes unnecessary wear and can cause shrinkage. Do not tumble dry Do not iron Tumble dry on low heat (50°c) Professional leather clean Do not use chlorine bleach Cool iron –110°c max, suitable for nylon Do not wring Dry-clean, but do not use chemicals stronger than perchloroethylene Cool iron –150°c max, suitable for polyester/cotton Shows the recomended wash temperature Delicate cycle Hand wash only Do not dry-clean Cool iron –200°c max suitable for cotton 208