Projob PROJOB 2019 ENG - Page 2

SEAWAYS TO THE WORLD. Every year, 10 billion tons of goods cross the globe by sea. The total is estimated to be tripled by 2050, as sea transport is a sustainable alternative to land and air transport. This may be one of the reasons why our Swedish export to as much as 80% goes by boat. The Swedish flag again flies from many cargoships and the Swedish merchant fleet represent quality shipping, security and a front position in innovation. This year Projob starts out from a west Swedish port dimensioned to handle big and bulky material, inbound and outbound. The derricks often handle individual parts of e g concrete elements or windmill components with weights of 120 tons and lengths of 50 meters or more. From here, the ships go through the archipelago to the North Sea, destined for the Baltic Sea or the Atlantic and beyond, to all markets of the world. 2