Projob PROJOB 2019 ENG - Page 163

LADIES WEAR 2521 LADIES FIT STRETCH 2521 WAISTPANTS STRETCH WOMEN’S Waistpants with great flexibility. Stretch fabric across seat, crotch and knees area to provide extra freedom of movement. Leg pockets with zipper. Back pockets with flap. Attachment for holster pockets. Hidden button at front. By unpicking the red stitching at the hem the trousers can be lengthened by 5 cm. Material: Color: Size: 65% polyester, 35% cotton red-35, sky blue-53, navy-58, forest green-66, grey-98, black-99 C32-C50 (C132-C150) 35 53 Jacket 3412 p. 163, pant 2521 p. 163 58 66 99 98 163