Projob PROJOB 2019 ENG - Page 133

FUNCTIONAL CLOTHES 3315 3315 JACKET FUNCTIONAL Functional jacket in an attractive, technical fleece material with a smooth outside. Reinforced on shoulders and elbows with shoftshell. Close-fitting to fit comfortably under a jacket. Side pockets with zipper. Inner pockets. Two-way zip at front with zip- guard to prevent chafing. Breast pocket with zipper and hidden bracket for ID-card. Sleeve pockets. Material: Color: Size: 100% polyester red-35, navy-58, grey-98, black-99 XS-4XL 35 58 99 98 3318 3318 FLEECE JACKET Jacket in heavy fleece material with reinforcements on shoulders and elbows. Side pockets with zipper. Front zip with zipguard to prevent chafing. Extended back. Thumb grip at sleeve ends. Material: Color: Size: 100% polyester, 320 g/m 2 red-35, navy-58, grey melange-95, black-99 XS-4XL 99 35 58 95 133