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SAFETY CLOTHES EN ISO 20471 CLASSIFICATION GUIDE EN ISO 20471 Reflec ive clothing is personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment are products that are designed to be used by a person for protection against health and safety risks. The special demands placed on personal protective equipment in Europe are described in EN-norms. Products that pass these basic safety requirements are allowed to carry the obligatory CE-mark. In order for a safety product to be approved and marked with the CE mark, it must have been tested and certified by an authorized organisation. HIGH-VIS CLOTHES FOR PROFESSIONAL USERS These have to be CE-marked and approved according to the norm EN 471 or EN ISO 20471. The norm de- scribes among other things what colours are permitted, where on the clothes the reflec ing material is to be placed, and which information that must accompany the clothes. The design of the clothes must also follow certain criteria in order to achieve the best possible visibility. In the norm there are three classes. The norm specifies how much flu escing cloth and how big the reflec ive area reflec ive clothes of each class must have. CLASS 1 This gives the lowest level of protection. The total flu - rescent area must be at least 0.14m 2 and the reflec ive area 0.10m 2 . May only be used if there is little contact with a few vehicles and/or slow moving traffic CLASS 2 Gives a much better protection than class 1, especially in daytime, twilight and fog. The total fluo escent area must be at least 0.50m 2 and the reflec ive area 0.13m 2 . Class 2 is used in harbours, on railways, building sites, parking places, cross country searches, load bearing vehicles and other places where class 3 is not required. CLASS 3 This gives the highest level of protection. The total fl - orescent area must be at least 0.80m 2 and the reflec ive area 0.20m 2 . To be used in the proximity of fast moving traffic EN ISO 20471 / EN 471 EN ISO 20471 is the latest update of the norm, since this came, garments can no longer be certified acco ding to EN 471. Therefore all new products are certified under the new norm. ProJob working to gradually update all High Visibility garments in the collection according to the new standard. EN 471 is still fully approved to use and will be so for many years to come. Jacket 6417 p. 12, jacket 6444 p. 12, pant 6513 p. 20 10