Professional Writing Brochure November 2013 - Page 5

“Get internships. Get side jobs. Be proactive about your education.” As a young graduate, Ettema is already making headway with her professional writing background. She attributes her diversity of skills—which is especially important in the context of nonpro?t work—to the PW program. The website and code building introduction taught in WRA 210 Introduction to Web Authoring has been especially useful to her. “I didn’t enjoy every minute of it, but the know-how I gained has been beyond helpful.” Ettema also appreciates the program’s exposure to software like the Adobe Suite. Ettema has plenty of sound advice, especially for those students still ?nishing their undergraduate degrees: “Get internships. Get side jobs. Be proactive about your education.” Ettema’s experiences as a writer for MSU Career Services, an usher at the Wharton Center, and an intern with the Michigan Nature Association contributed to her metamorphosis into a well-rounded individual. Some nerve and boldness helps too, said this graduate who traversed more than mountains to emerge as a successful professional. “Ask if you can help [with projects], if you can get advice, or if you can get coffee with someone.” “You have to be bold and get beyond the awkwardness of feeling like you’re not supposed to be asking for help or for a conversation.” Follow Hannah on Twitter @hannahbelles