Professional Writing Brochure November 2013 - Page 4

Hannah ETTEMA Staff Writer & Development Assistant at the National Forest Foundation Missoula, Montana Hannah Ettema, a 2011 graduate of the Professional Writing program and the Residential College of Arts and Humanities, is a staff writer and development assistant at the National Forest Foundation (NFF), a position that allowed her to relocate from East Lansing to Missoula, Montana. She manages the organization’s social media presence, writes content for Your National Forests (NFF’s biannual publication), creates short videos, composes web content, and assists with coordinating and providing administrative support for the development department, which includes tasks like helping to plan events. “I love the diversity of it. I’m always learning new things,” Ettema said. How does one come across such a great position in a hip, eco-minded city, located at the epicenter of no less than four mountain ranges and ?ve major rivers? Ettema can thank her mom for this one—a basic Google search of “Writer + Montana” turned up this gem. “She knew I wanted to be out west,” Ettema said. Ettema advises patience for those beginning their job search: “You have to be patient, and you have to use your existing relationships. You have them; you probably just don’t realize it. You have to be bold and get beyond the awkwardness of feeling like you’re not supposed to be asking for help or for a conversation.” Check out Hannah’s online portfolio