Professional Writing Brochure November 2013 - Page 3

Networking begins at the roots. From the start, professional writers must network: in classes, throughout the university, and in their career ?eld. As Professional Writing majors, students are able to reach out to alumni for advice and guidance and, by doing so, create lasting relationships that will continue to grow. The pro?les in this booklet are meant to facilitate conversations between alumni and current students. Professional Writing alumni are intelligent, well-connected, and caring people. They are willing and eager to assist current and newly graduated students with the imposing task of networking. Students need look no further than their own program for everything from interview tips to résumé edits to breaking the ice with that key employer. Whether trying to get a foot in the door of the publishing industry, become a freelance web designer, or make an impact as a grant writer with a nonpro?t organization, networking is an ongoing process that begins right here and branches out into the world throughout our professional lives.