Professional Writing Brochure November 2013 - Page 20

Marissa HAYES Senior Manager of Sales Development at Buddy Media New York, New York 2008 graduate Marissa Hayes moved to New York City three weeks after she graduated and hasn’t looked back since. She loves the experience of living in a new city. “You only live once, which is why you’ll never see me back in Michigan longterm. There’s so much to see, and do, and experience!” she said. After switching her major from pre-med to Professional Writing, Hayes decided that her goal was to work for a magazine publisher in New York. During her undergraduate years, she worked hard to network and make contacts so that she could make her dream a reality. She sent out countless résumés, went on several interviews, and ?nally landed her dream job as a manager of online magazine publication at Condé Nast. Recently, Hayes began a new job search, saying that she needed a new challenge and was ready to move on from Condé Nast. Her current position came to her through a former colleague she had kept in touch with who worked for a company called Buddy Media and loved it. When he introduced Hayes to the company culture and opportunities for growth, she fell in love too.