Professional Writing Brochure November 2013 - Page 19

John PHILLIPS Web Designer at Cengage Learning Farmington Hills, Michigan John Phillips, a 2005 graduate with a concentration in digital writing and web authoring, now lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan, where he works as a web designer for Cengage Learning. Some of Phillips’ job responsibilities include designing interfaces for research products and working with software developers, usability specialists, and product owners to de?ne requirements, user stories, and specs for digital products. He also does HTML/CSS work and browser testing. Phillips thinks the best aspect of the job is “being able to design products that the company spends lots of money on and having big impacts on the researchers using them.” Phillips believes that PW taught him everything for the work that he does. “I use anything from designing a website, coding a website, information architecture, project management, and writing,” he said. “My favorite memory is the close family feel of [the Professional Writing program].” Phillips not only respects the education PW gave him, but the ?ourishing environment PW offers as well. “My favorite memory is the close family feel of it,” he said. “Everyone seemed so close and passionate about what they did and that was a lot of fun to be a part of.” He advises that passion, hard work, and networking will get you where you need to go. Follow John on Twitter @jwphillips