Professional Writing Brochure November 2013 - Page 18

Jena DONLIN Senior Manager of Business Operations at Reddit, Inc. New York, New York Jena Donlin is a 2009 graduate and she now lives in New York City working as the senior manager of business operations at Reddit, Inc. Donlin works with advertising for, with responsibilities including negotiating advertisement deals, creating and maintaining pro?table ads, and working with the merchandise and app development departments. She says her favorite part of her job is meeting Redditers from all over the world at conferences. She credits her success to the communication skills she developed in the Professional Writing program and advises future students to “focus on creating relationships, focus on academics, and think of the time you’re investing as an opportunity to learn from those around you.” Alexandra KIRSCH Director of Interactive for Media Connect New York, New York Alexandra Kirsch graduated from the Professional Writing program in 2010 and relocated to New York City to begin her career. She now works for Finn Partners as director of the Interactive division at Media Connect, where she oversees a staff of digital publicists on digital book publicity campaigns, brings in new business, and retains lo ngterm clients. She loves the sense of collaboration that exists in her office because “publicity gets a bad rap for being cutthroat.” Kirsch knew she wanted to enter the digital publicity industry and says she would have never gotten where she is today so quickly if it weren’t for the Professional Writing program.