Professional Writing Brochure November 2013 - Page 11

Emily DRAKE Social Media Specialist at Imagination Publishing Chicago, Illinois As an advertising major who was more interested in the public relations aspect of the ?eld, Professional Writing was the perfect additional major for Emily Drake, a 2011 graduate. The program provided her with the hands-on experience she was looking for and motivated her to seek outside learning in four different internships. Immediately after graduation she was hired as a social media and communications assistant for Balance Concierge, a national healthcare company. Here she wrote and developed their social media communications plan and is now responsible for maintaining their various social media sites. Continuing to work part-time in that position, Drake moved to Chicago to work as a social media specialist at Imagination Publishing, a content marketing agency. There, Drake gets the opportunity to work with the social media presences of brands such as Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and Nature Valley. “It’s amazing to be getting to work on such great brands right off the bat,” Drake said. For Drake, the PW professors are the best aspect of the program. “I learned so much from each one of them—they really pushed me,” she said. Because networking—both in and out of the Professional Writing program — has gotten Drake far in her career, she advises students to get as much experience as they can and keep in contact with their networks even after graduation. Follow Emily on Twitter @DrakeEmily