Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 62

PROJECT FILE Kendrick Lamar is currently touring North America in support of his double-platinum DAMN. album. For the DAMN Tour, FOH engineer Kyle Hamilton specified a complete VUE audiotechnik sound reinforcement system, supplied by Escondido, CA’s Sound Image. The system includes left and right VUE al-12 line arrays consisting of 20 elements each, with two auxiliary side-hangs of eight elements each. As well, 36 VUEDrive V3 systems engines provide power and processing for the arrays. A Digico SD7 handles the FOH mix with a pair of VUE h-12s serving as nearfield monitors. Prior to the tour, VUE provided Hamilton with an op- portunity to audition the al-12 array at a special demo site. “The accuracy was the first thing I noticed,” says Hamilton. “I put up a session that I knew needed some work in one particular area. Right out of the gate, I heard it. I’ve never had that happen with a PA at the scale of the al-12. And output was equally impressive. Whatever level I wanted I got, and with room to spare.” To accommodate its growing community, Zion Mennonite Church in Schanzenfeld, MB has expanded its facility and equipped it with a new Renkus-Heinz sound system designed and installed by Golden West Sound Design of nearby Altona. The main floor of the church seats 614 and the balcony seats 204, with 90 more seats in the choir loft. “Acoustically, the space is horrible,” admits Myron Dyck of Golden West Sound Design. “ICONYX speakers’ horizontal coverage is fantastic, and this is a fairly wide church… If we had used a traditional single array in the centre, or any point-source approach, we would need multiple speakers and more wiring and amplifiers. With just one pair of ICL-F-DUAL-RNs, we have a much cleaner installation, and they’re slim and visually unobtrusive.” OPRY AUDIO CREW (L-R): MARK THOMAS, BOB BUSSIERE, JEFF ENT & NIC FADDY New York City-based concert promoter The Bowery Presents (TBP) recently opened its latest live music venue, Brooklyn Steel, a new 20,000-sq.-ft. space in East Williamsburg, NY that is outfitted with L-Acoustics K2 line arrays. A gantry crane retained from the former steel fabrication business enables the flown arrays to be repositioned, along with the movable 50,000-lb. steel and concrete stage, to scale the audi- ence area according to the expected attendance at each show. TBP’s in-house team designed and installed the L-Acoustics loud- speaker system while Mark Friedman of Long Island City-based See Factor supplied the speaker set-up as well as the rest of the new club’s audio complement, including a 56-channel Digico SD10 console at front-of-house with a 56-channel SD9 available for monitors. 62 PROFESSIONAL SOUND The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN is maybe the [XۚX[YH[[H]\XˈXX\ܛX[H\XYH\وٙXX[HY[X\˜[Y\\\]\\\[][\H[\][ۜو\\˜\[\HYX[Hو[H]\X[\ˈX[KBH[[YH]X[XZH]YHLLY][]Y[ۜHB\[x&\Z\][ۜ܈H[ۚ]܈Z^][ۋX\XYHLQ]Y\YYH][ۈ܈ LYX\˂'H]Y[X[H\\HYܝXH]X[XZHXˈ[[KBܝ[K[\\\ۈH\ۜ\HY] \\\™\YۙY܈H[ۚ]܈][ۋ\HH[H\X[YX\\&BX\H[ܙH\Yۈ۝ [ًZ\H\X][ۜ8'H^\Y[ۚ]܈Z^\؈\Y\K