Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 52

PRODUCTS Digico 32-Bit John Stadius Mic Preamp Digico has launched the 32-bit John Stadius Mic Preamp, which is named after the manufacturer’s long-time technical director. The specifications of the eight-channel, 32-bit SD mic preamp card include: a fully differential audio path from input to converter; twin 32- bit ADC conversion per channel; a conversion time of 73uS; dynamic punch and increased audio depth; a dynamic range of 123dBA; a noise level of 128dB EIN; and frequency response of 20-44.5kHz ±0.1dB. There are dedicated analog low noise linear power supplies, including +48V phantom power, and fully shielded analog stage. For more information, contact GerrAudio: 613-342-6999, FAX 613-342-8499,, 52 PROFESSIONAL SOUND