Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 51

Eventide Fission Structural Effects Plug-In Eventide has released the Fission plug-in, which features the new Structural Effects meth- od for cleanly and completely separating the transient and tonal components of a sound in a way that makes it practical to modify the individual components independently. Eventide’s proprietary Structural Effects method makes use of frequency and time domain sifting to, in effect, deconstruct a sound. Fission features multi-effects for the transient and tonal sections enabling modifications from the subtle to the odd. A Focus control makes it possible for Fission users to “guide” the separation. The ability to “solo” and mix the de- constructed audio allows for forensic and subtle changes. For example, users can modify, delay, or remove the transient plucks of a guitar part without affecting the tone; retune a snare drum without touching the crisp transient; or modify, delay, or remove the tonal component of a piano line for a more staccato sound. For more information, contact Eventide: 201-641-1200, FAX 201-641-1640, Studio Technologies Model 5401 Dante Master Clock Studio Technologies has released the Model 5401 Dante master clock. The Model 5401 provides precise timing signals for applications that utilize Dante Audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. The unit implements a high-perfor- mance IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP) server, compatible with the require- ments of Dante and capable of simulta- neously supporting the timing needs of up to hundreds of Dante-compatible devices. The Model 5401 provides the PTP v1 compatibility required by Dante, as well as supporting PTP v2 for AES67 applica- tions. In addition, the unit generates up to eight sine-wave audio tones on Dante transmit (output) channels, useful during audio network installation, maintenance, and operation. A clock input connection allows the Model 5401 to synchronize with a variety of timing reference signals. For more information, contact Sono- technique: 514-332-6868, FAX 514-332- 5537,, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 51