Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 49

BAE Audio 500c FET Compressor BAE Audio is now shipping its 500 series format compressor, the 500c. The unit is also BAE Audio’s first FET compressor, capturing the mix-defining circuits of the ‘60s and ‘70s. It features controls for input and output gain, plus the four selectable compression ratios of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1. It also has the All Buttons In setting popular- ized on its predecessors. A switchable high-pass filter can be engaged to protect the low-end integrity of bass-heavy input sources or busses while still achieving peak reduction. The 500C is versatile and particularly appropriate for drums, vocals, and bass guitar. The dynamics section is bypassed via a front-facing but- ton, allowing users to A/B the signal both with and without compression. For more information, contact BAE Audio: 818-784-2046, FAX 818-784-0750, Waves X-FDBK Feedback Eliminator Plug-In Waves Audio has released the X-FDBK feedback eliminator plug-in. The X-FDBK feedback eliminator is designed to ease the process of “ringing out” wedges and PAs before soundchecks or shows. The X-FDBK plug-in provides an automatic feedback elimination solution in order to achieve a loud, clear, and feedback-free mix very quickly. X-FDBK identifies the precise frequencies that cause feedback and precisely cuts them with a narrow notch, preserving the fidelity of the wedge or PA and enabling engineers to maximize the gain without getting feed- back. The engineer turns up the levels on their wedges and PA until they start to feedback. They then activate the plug-in and wait a few seconds until they hear the feedback disappear. The plug-in’s graphic frequency spectrum shows all feedback frequencies and the degree to which they were cut, letting the engineer tweak them manually if they wish. For more information, contact Waves Audio: 865-909-9200, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 49