Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 47

Audio-Technica AT5047 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Audio-Technica is now shipping the AT5047 cardioid condenser microphone. The most recent addition to the company’s 50 Series, the AT5047 features the same capsule as the AT5040 but with a transformer-coupled output and optimized electronics. It is equally capable of captur- ing instruments and vocals. Boasting the widest dynamic range of all Audio-Technica microphones, the AT5047 is de- signed to capture the full character of a sound source, regardless of how loud or soft it is. Since it’s equipped with a transformer-coupled output, the microphone maintains a constant load output impedance, even when capturing sources at extreme SPLs, resulting in a stable relation- ship between the mic and a mic preamp or console input. The AT5047 features four rectangular two-micron-thick diaphragms, which function together to provide a combined surface area twice that of a standard 1-in. circular diaphragm. For more information, contact Erikson Audio: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055,, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 47