Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 45

QSC AD-S162T & AD-S802T Column Loudspeakers QSC has added the AD-S162T and AD-S802T column surface-mount loudspeakers to its AcousticDesign (AD) Series, which are suitable for a variety of foreground and background applications and solve reverberant issues in high-ceiling spaces. The AD-S802T has eight 2.5-in. vertically-oriented drivers while the AD-S162T has 16 2.5-in. vertically-oriented drivers. Both are 70/100 V or 8 ohm bypass, full-range systems. They come equipped with a pan/tilt mounting system that offers multiple positioning locations, allowing the loudspeaker to remain close to the wall while offering the flexibility to deliver up to a -20-deg ree downward tilt. This makes installation easier and reduces “live load” labour time while on the ladder. As part of the AcousticDesign Series, the new column surface-mount loudspeakers share a similar unobtrusive design with the rest of the line, which allows them to blend with the aesthetics of any room. In addition, they exhibit the same environmental qualities associated with all AcousticDesign surface-mount models, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. For more information, contact SFM: 514-780-2070, FAX 514-780-2111,, Blue Raspberry Studio All-in-One Mobile Recording System Blue has released the Raspberry Studio all-in-one mobile recording system, combining the company’s Raspberry USB microphone with custom recording software from PreSonus and mastering software from iZotope. Raspberry is a USB microphone for PC, Mac, and iOS that is designed to deliver the clarity of studio microphones in a small, portable format. The con- denser capsule is tuned to record up close or at tabletop distance. An Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) – similar to the acoustic treatments found in professional studios and concert halls – focuses on the voice or instrument and minimizes environmental sounds by diffusing noise and reflections. The integrated stand minimizes contact with surfaces and isolates the microphone from vibrations. The PreSonus Studio One Artist Blue Microphones Edition recording software allows users to stack multiple instrument and vocal tracks to create fully produced songs with a 32-bit audio engine. iZotope’s Ozone Elements is designed to make it easier to create final master mixes. For more information, contact HHB Communications Canada: 416-867- 9000, FAX 416-867-1080,, Radial Studio-Q Desktop Talk-Back/Cue System Radial Engineering is now shipping the Studio-Q compact, desktop talk-back/cue system. The Studio-Q features a simple cue switch that turns on the built-in microphone or the “producer” mic XLR input. Each mic is equipped with an individual trim control along with a master mic volume. These can also be remotely activated using a remote JR1 mute footswitch. Once depressed, the signal is routed to the studio headphone system while it automatically shunts the program to the desired level. The program signal path is balanced for easy integration with any console, and features a fully variable level control on the front panel. When the band is full-on, a remote output may be used to send a dry contact to a beacon to attract attention. For more information, contact Radial Engineering: 604-942-1001, FAX 604-942-1010,, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 45