Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 35

d&b audiotechnik Yi12 & Yi8 arrays & B6 subs on main island stage the performance space inside the village restaurant. In the summer of 2017, amidst yet another busy tourist season, SSi Audio from nearby Moncton, NB worked in tandem with Pays de la Sagouine Technical Director Hugo St-Laurent and his team to outfit these unique performance spaces with new audio solutions that would help to share these stories in the present and for years to come. The island’s two outdoor stages – the larger main stage and smaller band-focused stage – needed passive systems that were rugged enough to withstand the elements of an Atlantic Canadian summer, including the unavoidable salt buildup from misty ocean air. Previously, the two stages were each outfitted with a Dynacord Cobra 4 system, and though they’d served their productions well during their decade-plus lifecycle, the elements had taken their toll, maintenance was required more frequently, and replacement parts were getting harder to source. What’s more, St-Laurent explains that the rigging on the main outdoor stage was being revamped, making it an opportune time to overhaul the sound system. Ideally, their re- placements would boast as much power but in smaller packages and with the improved intelligibility that comes with more recent techno- logical developments. St-Laurent says SSi Audio was his first call as a potential partner for the project. “I’m very familiar with the company and wanted their input on what we were dealing with,” he says. “I always go with them. When our season ends, I typically have some things that need some attention. I bring it there and always get good service.” SSi’s leads on the project were Evan Cormier and Matt Vey, and after a detailed briefing on the mandate for the outdoor stages and restaurant, they had their sights set on loudspeaker solutions from d&b audiotechnik. “The island required a system that would last many years with- out damage from the elements,” begins Vey. “The client wanted a great-sounding, compact, and high-output system that could stand up to the elements and that could also be taken down in the off- season with minimal effort.” “I knew SSi had done a few set-ups with d&b in the area and had heard them at some big shows in Moncton,” St-Laurent takes over, recalling the initial talks about the brand, “so I had a good idea of the quality of sound they provide and thought they’d be a great solution for what we were trying to achieve.” Interestingly, because the two stages were previously outfitted with the identical Dynacord systems but never run at the same time, operators could simply switch the Speakon connections at the power amps to only require one amp rack. As SSi Audio’s Matt Vey explains, that’s a feature they were happy to maintain with the re- placement system. Subsequently, the two outdoor stages feature mostly identical systems built around d&b audiotechnik’s Yi8 and Yi12 two-way pas- sive line array cabinets, with two of each model per side in left-right configurations. The larger main stage also features a pair of Yi10Ps for additional reinforcement. The two stages share a set of six d&b B6 subwoofers, which are on casters so they can easily be moved into place on either stage as needed and stowed away each night. As previously mentioned, the two systems also share the pair of D30 amplifiers in the rack. Every component between the two systems takes advantage of d&b’s weather-resistant option, featuring impenetrable grilles and cables fixed into the cabinets. “They’re not directly exposed to the rain,” PROFESSIONAL SOUND • 35