Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 33

Adam Fair Tim Thorney Isolation booth system, which is run by a Mac Mini, and we have all of our software synths as well as our hardware synths all connected there and we treat that whole unit as an instrument, which we patch into Pro Tools, but it’s totally on its own.” All connectivity between the live and control rooms has been run through the basement, floor, and walls. What sets Villa Sound apart from its counterparts in major centres? “For starters, location, location, location,” Thorney enthuses. “Not being in the big city is a big deal. We find people come here, settle in, and get into the thing. There are no other distractions.” While in the project space in Toronto, it was necessary to utilize other facilities to finalize recordings. Here, they have a full-service space for production and recording, mixing in stereo and 5.1, master- ing, post-production, sound design, dialogue editing, and voiceovers. They also provide consulting services and original music for a variety of film, TV, commercial, and corporate projects. MOTU Ethno Native Instruments Komplete 8 Microphones “We realized we wanted to do everything in-house, which is why we got the gear and space that we did,” Fair says. He and Thorney each produce projects there and have provided original content for a variety of high-profile clients such as Sports Illustrated, EA Sports, and Moet, among others. And they oversee the entire operation themselves, although they do collaborate with a va- riety of other artists regularly, including Hill Kourkoutis, Joey Landreth, Danny Weis, and Randy Cooke. They also run an independent label out of the space, Villa Sound Records, which represents Shawnee, Kate Todd, and Thorney’s own musical output. “The label is still pretty new,” Thorney adds, “so we haven’t had the chance to fuck it up yet,” he says, laughing. Far from it, in fact; they’re currently adding more artists to their roster and grow- ing their list of services. “We’re always expanding,” Fair sums up, “and we like it that way.” Kevin Young is a Toronto-based musician and freelance writer. Shure 520 DX Bullet Shure SM57 (x6) Output Exhale AEA R84 Ouput Rev AKG 414 XLS Output Signal AKG D112 Slate Digital Apex 435 (x2) Slate Drums  Audio-Technica 2020 JVC ProHD GY-HD110U Camera Sonoris DDP Creator Audio-Technica 2021 Nikon D5100 Camera SoundToys Neumann KM 184 (x 2, matched pair) Canon Vixia HF R700 Trilian Bass Peluso 2247 LE (x2, matched pair) Apple Final Cut Pro UAD (various plug-ins) Peluso P-12 Adobe Premiere Waves Mercury Sennheiser M421 (x2) Adobe After Effects SSL Duende TC Electronic VSS3 Reverb  Shure SM7B Video Equipment Neewer 7-in. Camera Display Monitoring & Headphones Barefoot Micro Main 27s JBL LSR 4326Ps & 4312SP subwoofer (5.1) K&H 110 Yamaha HS7s & HS8S sub AKG 141 (x 4) Beyerdynamic DT 150 (x2) Grado SR60e Hear Tech Personal Monitors (x5) Nady QH-560 (x4) Sennheiser 280 HD PROFESSIONAL SOUND • 33