Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 30

laidback LOCATION, SERIOUS SOUND SINGHAMPTON, ON’S VILLA SOUND When it comes to laidback locations, Villa Sound has it down. Located in Singhampton, ON, just about 20 min- utes south of popular skiing haven Collingwood, the studio is a destination recording facility with an old school vibe and cutting edge capabilities that reflect the current state of the industry. Owned and operated by Tim Thorney and Adam Fair, Villa Sound is a great space for artists looking to get away from it all and dig into their work. After all, it’s about the furthest thing from an urban jungle imagin- able. “There are four buildings in Singhampton,” Thorney states – “two restaurants, a gas station, and the studio.” “For a long time, [what’s now] the studio was a general store,” Fair adds. “I’ve met people who used to come here as kids for ice cream.” By Kevin Young Live floor 30 • PROFESSIONAL SOUND