Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 16

SIGNALS Professional Sound magazine surveyed recording professionals across Canada to get their thoughts and opinions on a broad range of topics ahead of the AES Convention in New York City. For the complete results, visit Of the major recording product categories, 33% say consoles have seen the most growth & technological progress in the last 5 years while 24% say it’s signal processing software. In which subset(s) of the recording industry do you primarily work? 14% Film & TV recording 48% Music production & engineering 52% Mixing 14% Post-production 19% Mastering 10% Other 16 PROFESSIONAL SOUND 35% say AES International Conven- tions are the most important trade shows for recording pros while 30% say it’s The NAMM Show 52% say the internet (webinars, user forums, video tutorials, etc.) is their primary source of continual learn- ing and professional development.   SPEAKING OUT Over the last two or three years, in your opinion, what is the most important and/ or innovative recording-related product or technological development you’ve seen and why? “The digital console. It provides a multitrack output with no processing except from the pre- amps. This has opened up so many possibilities for live recording.” “IP audio, AES67, and SMPTE ST2110... this is a HUGE game changer. IP showcase at IBC and NAB should get some attention. Disproportionate amount of Canadians involved in these events.” “That all the equipment and software is so very interchangeable. Plus, it’s much about help on technical support from companies.”