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TOA Canada Promotes Dharmesh Patel to National Inside Sales Support SIGNALS PRODUCER/ENGINEER JIMMY DOUGLASS AT IMSTA FESTA TORONTO IMSTA FESTA Returns to Toronto in October The fourth annual IMSTA FESTA Toronto show will head back to Ryerson University on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. Presented by the International Music Software Trade Associa- tion (IMSTA) and the SAE Institute, IMSTA FESTA events are also held in Chicago, New York, and Berlin and showcase the latest music-making and production technologies as well as educational seminars, keynote speeches, and Q&As. Created for professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, this free day-long event will feature panels, workshops and master classes, demonstrations, and more. This year, Grammy-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado and veteran manager/ex- ecutive producer Herb Trawick from Pensado’s Place will give the keynote presentation. With mix credits including Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Elton John, Chris- tina Aguilera, and more, Pensado is considered one of the leading online educators for all things audio. Trawick is an experienced manager and expert on intellectual property, business affairs, career consultation, digital media, and more. For more information, including a complete list of exhibitors, go to Best of BEIT to Launch at NAB Show New York The Best of BEIT is launching at the NAB Show New York with a track of sessions highlighting outstanding research and time- ly presentations initially fea- tured at the flagship Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology (BEIT) Conference, held at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. Best of BEIT will take place from October 18-19 during the 2017 NAB Show New York at the Javits Convention Center. Produced by the National Association of Broad- casters (NAB), the annual NAB Show New York welcomes around 9,000 attendees and more than 360 exhibitors to showcase next-generation technology for media, enter- tainment, and telecommunications professionals. Best of BEIT sessions, held on the TECH FWD Stage, will address ultra-high-definition (UHD) technology, Next Gen TV/ATSC 3.0, cybersecurity, and big data. For more information, go to 14 PROFESSIONAL SOUND TOA Canada Corpo- ration has [Y\Y\][B]KXܙX]Y][ۂو][ۘ[[YH[\•HSQx&TTQT\ܝ ]\BUS[[ۈY\H\[›و\[X\H\\Z\Hܙ[]܋][]۝[\ܛZ[B]Y\܈H\Y\\XH\\[KB]H][ۋ[\]K][[H\ۜXB܈\ܝ[H[Yx&\][ۘ[[\X[H[]\Y\XHۙH\ܝ[YX][ۈۈ]X[[ۙ›\\ˈ][[YH[ MH\B\Z\Hܙ[]܈[][Y[[\ݙY[[ܞH\[H[\^YYH\Y\Y\Yܚ]X[X\Y[Xܙ[H\[KX\K\\Z\Hܙ[]܋[۝[YHXZ[Z[x&\[[ܞB\\[\\Y\\ BY[ˈ]۝[ \\Y\\XB\\[]]K[H\ۜXH܈[\Y\\XH]Y\[Y[\\[˜\Y\[\[[\ܙ\˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝XB[YHܜ L KMM LM [\X[YKK˝X[YKK]Y[ٚ[H[[Y\[•[\]ۙ\\]Y[ٚ[B[[Y\[HXZ\ق\[\[\܂]\XX[˜[]Y[™[[Y\\Y[X]Z\YBUQSђSHQSTPUU’ܙZ[ۚXBTZ[\KX\YX][Y[\KH]X[B[H\[Z[][Y[ۈ]Y[ٚ[BXX\Y[XK[[]Y[ٚ[B[[\^[Y۝XX][Y[\X\\\]\ B\K\]\Kٝ\K[[Yܘ][ۋ\\[]^H]Y[XH[X\]XY\˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈ]Y[ٚ[H BX]Y[ٚ[K[[Y\[