Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 12

SIGNALS GerrAudio Takes Back Canadian Distribution of Meyer Sound TASCAM’S JOE STOPKA TASCAM Promotes Joe Stopka to VP of Business Development TASCAM, a division of TEAC of America, has promoted former Director of Business Devel- opment Joe Stopka to VP of sales and business development. In his new position, Stopka leads TASCAM’s sales, marketing, and product marketing teams for all of the Americas and is charged with building a stronger position in the pro audio and AV integration markets and further strengthening the company’s brand recognition in the MI marketplace. Stopka is based in Chicago and can be reached at 847-867-8920 or TASCAM is distributed in Canada by Erikson Audio. For more information, go to Meyer Sound has announced that GerrAudio Distribution will resume responsibility for design, technical support, sales, and servicing of Meyer Sound products throughout Canada. GerrAudio was previously the Canadian distributor for Meyer Sound for around 25 years until the manufacturer assumed distribution responsibilities in 2013. “We are thrilled to be back representing Meyer Sound with our ‘boots on the ground’ proximity to our customers across Canada,” says GerrAudio President Bob Snelgrove. “With factory-trained techs and a full stock of spare parts, servicing can now be done with very fast turnaround combined with a deep and personal understanding of a customer’s specific needs. Our objective is to respond quickly and effectively, no matter how complicated or simple the customer need or question.” For more information, contact GerrAudio Distribution: 613-342-6999, FAX 613-342- 8499,, KV2 Audio Names Technical Director for Asia Pacific & North America KV2 Audio has an- nounced the appoint- ment of Australian sound engineer Angus Davidson as technical support director for Asia Pacific and North America. Davidson, who has mixed for major international acts includin MɅ) ɽݑ!͔ٕ͔́)ɕȁݥѡѡՑ丁!ݥ͕)5ɹɅхѕ)Ё٥ͽɅՑ)ȁɔɵѥхЁ-XȁՑ(Դ̰ɅՑ)ܹɅՑ)-XȁU%?eL9ULY%M=8(ȁAI=MM%=90M=U9)х́չȁ]щé%Q)Mݍ͔)]щ9ѥ́չѡєѥȁѡ́啅ˊéѥ)ѡ%ѕ͡ݍ͔QѡɐՅ͡ݍ͔Xɕ)ѕхаəɵѕ́ݥЁѡI兰 ͕مѽ䁽)5ͥݹѽݸQɽѼ]͑䰁=иİܸ)%́չ䁙ȁXɽͥ́ѼЁɕѱݥѠԴ)ɕ́䁕́ݡ͕ѽՍѕѥѡѕЁɑ݅ɔ)ͽ݅ɔѡȁͽѥ̸ᡥ́ٔɅѥ́ݥѡɽ՝)ѡI兰 ͕مѽéѥ̰Ց-ɹȁ!ѡձѤٕ1ͱ)ɥѡQQɔ)IɅѥ́܁٥ٕщɥєȁɔɵѥѼ)ܹݕщ乍