Professional Sound - October 2017 - Page 10

SIGNALS CITT Rendez-vous Enjoys Successful 2017 Run in Saint John Rendez-vous 2017, CITT/ICTS’s annual trade show and conference, went down in Saint John, NB from Aug. 9-12. Events were hosted at the Imperial Theatre and Saint John Theatre Company, plus social events and tours that brought some attendees to destinations throughout the city. This year’s event built on the revised schedule introduced during the 2016 edition, with the Junk Challenge leading the programming on Wednesday evening. The New Product Show ‘n Tell Breakfast kicked off the Thursday morning, followed by the Corporate Luncheon in King’s Square right across the street from the Imperial Theatre, which hosted the annual gear expo that afternoon. Thursday night featured the always-popular Swag Bingo at a nearby pub. Friday hosted the Ladies of the Backstage Happy Hour, with a visit to Moosehead Breweries, while Sat- urday hosted the Caucus Plenary Breakfast, AGM Lun- cheon, and CITT/ICTS Awards Banquet in the evening. “Rendez-vous 2017 was an exceptional conference thanks to the expertise of the CITT/ICTS staff, our Technical Director, Joël Décarie, and our hard working student volunteers. Saint John was endlessly warm and welcoming to our organization, the conference, and our delegates. The staff at the Imperial Theatre and Saint John Theatre Company rolled out the welcome mats and were extraordinary to work with,” says CITT Interim President Elizabeth Wilkie. For more information, contact CITT: 514-504-9998,, Details Revealed for AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium H[]Y\[QTSSH[[\][N]H Y[[ٙ\[YKB][ۈ[Z[[ܘ[HHH]Y[ŒLёTSӐSS[[Y\[”Y]H QTB\]Y]ܚ[B\[ۘ[[H]H[ Xܙ[[\܋BX[KX]Y[˜[][]Y\˂H\Y^B[\][KX[B[ۘ\B[H]B NSSBB[ KL[[ZZ[KK\\\H\Y\وZ[[XY[ZY\[[]Y\[ۜۈ[H\^BXY\]H[Z^[ۜ\\[\\[\[Y[[\ۛY[[Y][ۈ]ܚX[ۈ\[HYX\\KBY[[[Z^][ۋ\H[X[ۂوXX[\\[[]YY[ˈ\B\\[H[][H[ZZ[B[ۈ[8&\SSHYX][ۈ[\\YX[H]]Y[^X]XK]]܈[Xܙ[[[Y\ؘB[HXY\HY[[Xܙ B[XH\[ۈ\Y\ˈH[H\^BYXZ\\[HXY[^H[\ۂH^H\][ۘ[X]\\[\KBY[و۝[\ܘ\H[H\H\^\[HH]H[ۜHXY[^B\\\^K[ۙ[[ۈ\[ۜۂ۝\XHܚY[][ۋHY[΂UXY[^H[\ۈ\[H^B\ۙ[وHXܙ[܈X[ۂY[XY]Hٙ\[ۘ[\[]ۜ]H]H]\XX[ˈH[\Z[Y[\[\XH\[ۜ[^ܙB]\[\H\[\][B[[RX[H[\ۛY[ BYX\\[Y[[\[H[Z^][ۂ\[ۜ[Y\[X\]Y\™܈\[[[H[Z^[\[B\ܛX[K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ˘Y\][[KK