Professional Sound - June 2017 - Page 51

Nugen Halo Downmix Software Nugen Audio has introduced Halo Downmix, a solution for precise downmixing of feature film and 5.1 mixes to stereo. Halo Downmix is a solution for delivering accurate downmixes that are no longer limited to typical in-the-box coefficient-based processes. It allows for precise adjustment and provides visual controls for relative levels, timing, and direct versus ambient sound balance. With Halo Downmix, the dialog level can be maintained effectively with phantom centre ratio controls and excess ambient sound from rear channels can be managed simply. Low frequencies can also be regulated to ensure appropriate levels in downmix, and timing artifacts in surround channels introduced by legacy upmix practices are now easier to fix, either manually or by using the Halo Downmix auto detection functionality. In addition, Halo Downmix introduces a surround-to-surround mode for adjusting existing 5.1 or 7.1 mixes for better downmix compatibility or re-balancing of the surround mix. For more information, contact Music Marketing: 416-789-7100, FAX 416-789-1667,, CLAIR BROTH E R S C1 2 Clair Brothers C12 & C8 Line Arrays Clair Brothers has released the C12 and C8 line array products, which are available with the company’s True Fit Technology horizontal waveguides custom tailored for any specific venue. The C12 and C8 feature a new transducer technology that offers a reduction in overall weight and amplifier channel requirements. These features enhance the ability for the line array to be digitally beam-steered in the vertical plane with F.I.R. processing. The C12, a double 12-in. format line array, and the C8, a double 8-in. line array, share the benefit that both can be ordered with a variety of horizontal waveguide patterns. Standard factory waveguides are 90 and 120 degrees, but a range of waveguides between 60 and 140 degrees are also available. For more information, contact Clair Brothers: 717-665-4000,, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 51