Professional Sound - June 2017 - Page 49

Softube Console 1 Mk II with UAD Powered Plug-Ins Support Softube has released the Console 1 Mk II, which is a more affordable version of its hardware/ software mixing system that features support for select UAD Powered Plug-ins from Universal Audio. Originally released in 2014, Softube Console 1 featured tightly integrated hardware and software, and the included emulation of a Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console. The Console 1 Mk II features a significant software update with support for 60 UAD plug-ins, all pre-mapped and easily selectable so no MIDI mapping is necessary. The hardware has also been updated with some minor layout changes, such as more visible LED markers. For more information, contact HHB Communications Canada: 416-867- 9000, FAX 416-867- 1080,, Radial LX-2 Passive Line Splitter Radial Engineering is now shipping the LX-2 passive line splitter. The LX-2 is designed to allow the user to easily send a single source to two different destinations at once without noise and with the ability to attenuate the input signal and tame hot outputs from a mixing console or mic preamp. The input of the LX-2 features an XLR/ TRS combo jack, which allows the user to connect balanced or unbalanced line level signals to be split to two different destina- tions. A Jensen transformer inside provides quality frequency response and phase coherency while isolating the two outputs from each other to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops. Ground lift switches on each of the two XLR outputs further reduce ground loop noise. For situations where a level adjustment is required, the trim control on the LX-2 can be used to attenuate overly hot signals. This lets users drive their mic preamps hard to achieve colouration, while trimming the level at the LX-2 to avoid clip- ping the inputs of the recording interface. For more information, contact Radial En- gineering: 604-942-1001, FAX 604-942-1010,, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 49