Professional Sound - June 2017 - Page 46

PRODUCTS Genelec The Ones Compact Coaxial Active Monitors Genelec has introduced The Ones series, which unites the 8351 three-way Smart Active Moni- tor (SAM) with the 8341 and 8331 – all small, three-way coaxial monitors – in the same family. Point source overcomes the off-axis coloration associated with traditional loudspeaker designs. This coaxial driver design provides accurate imaging and improved sound quality both on and off axis, vertically as well as horizontally. The woofers are concealed beneath the Directivity Controlled Waveguide (DCW), and together, they offer less coloured reflections. Like the 8351, both the 8341 and 8331 can be orientated horizontally or vertically using an adjustable IsoPod base for isolation. For more information, contact SFM: 514-780-2070, FAX 514-780-2111,, Atlona AT-HDR-M2C Audio Converter Atlona is now shipping its AT-HDR-M2C audio converter, designed to provide a seamless way to extract, downmix, and convert multi-channel HDMI source audio to two-channel HDMI, TOSLINK, and analog audio for displays, distributed audio systems, and whole-house audio systems. The HDR-M2C simplifies this process through an HDMI input with pass-through capability. It automatically downmixes multi-channel PCM, Dolby, and DTS audio, and delivers 2.0 stereo signals over HDMI, two-channel analog unbalanced audio, and TOSLINK digital audio out- puts. The HDR-M2C also enables HDMI audio de-embedding with or without connection to a display or other destination. The HDR-M2C audio converter includes EDID management features as well as audio volume and bass/treble controls, all available via Ethernet through the Atlona Management System (AMS), the web GUI, or a control system. For more information, contact SFM: 514-780-2070, FAX 514-780-2111,, Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Line Arrays Martin Audio has introduced the Wavefront Precision Series, a new generation of multipurpose line arrays that are designed to bring the company’s sound, coverage consistency, and control to a broader range of applications. The WPC (2 x 10-in. LF) and WPM (2 x 6.5-in. LF) Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed as complete systems with the new external iKON multi- channel amplifiers optimized by Martin Audio’s automated Display software. Adopting the principle of scalable resolution with external, dedicated multi-channel amplifiers, Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed to be flexible, upgradeable, and financially accessible. The Wavefront Precision Series also includes two new subwoofers, the SX118 and SX218, a single 18-in. and double 18-in. model, respectively. For more information, contact Martin Audio North America: 818-649-7776,, 46 PROFESSIONAL SOUND