Professional Sound - June 2017 - Page 44

PRODUCTS Waves eMotion LV1 Digital Live Mixing Console Waves Audio has introduced the eMotion LV1 mixer, a live digital mixing console that provides real-time audio mixing for FOH, monitor, and broadcast engineers. Based on Waves SoundGrid technology, each of the eMotion LV1 software mixer’s channels has its own plug-in rack capable of running up to eight Waves and third-party plug-ins. This allows users to mix live with hundreds of instances of their chosen plug-ins, all running inside the mixer itself. All plug-in presets and chains saved in the eMotion LV1 can be shared with the Waves MultiRack and StudioRack plug-in hosts, allowing engineers to move easily between live and studio environments. The mixer’s channel strip – its standard EQ, filters, and dynamics processing – is provided by Waves eMo plug-ins: the eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter, and eMo Q4 Equalizer. The eMotion LV1 comes in three configurations: 64, 32, or 16 stereo/mono input channels. For more information, contact Waves Audio: 865-909-9200, Meyer Sound LINA Line Array Loudspeaker & 750-LFC Low Frequency Control Element Meyer Sound has released the LINA linear line array loudspeaker and companion 750-LFC low frequency control element. They are the smallest and lightest products in the LEO series. The self-powered LINA loudspeaker measures 20.27 in. wide and weighs 43 lbs. It features new drivers and an updated amplifier and signal processing package to conform with the LEO family design. Compared to MINA, the newly-designed class D amplifier has greater efficiency and an upgraded power supply enables higher peak output. The 3-in. HF compression driver incorporates a new magnet structure first used in the Leopard line array loudspeaker for reduced distortion. Low-frequency distortion from the dual 6.5-in. woofers is reduced compared to MINA, aided by new internal venting and baffling to optimize performance. In most applications, LINA compact line array loudspeakers will be integrated with the companion 750-LFC low-frequency control element for extending the bass performance across its operating frequency range of 36 Hz to 125 Hz. The 750-LFC houses a 15-in., dual voice coil long excursion driver along with a two-channel, open loop class D amplifier and signal processing. For more information, contact Meyer Sound Laboratories: 855-641-3288, FAX 510-486-8356,, Lectrosonics Duet Digital Wireless Monitor System Lectrosonics has introduced the Duet digital wireless monitor (IEM) system. The system consists of the M2T dual-stereo half-rack transmitter and M2R diversity belt pack receive ȸ)QՕЁٕ́ѡU!ɕՕ́5!聥ͥɅ͕́х)ձѥȁɅ͵ͥЁȁєх̸)Q4PɅɅ͵ѕȁ͕́ݼЁѕɕɅ͵ѕ̰ݥ)ȁѼȁѕɕȁՅɅ͵ͥ́ɅQՑ́)٥Յ䁍ɕѼȁєѥQЁ)ѽ́ɔձͥ锁a1HQIĹȁٕͥ́ݡѡ)Ёɕɍե͔́ȁݥѠٕ䁡)ɕѥѼ锁մ͔)Q4Hɕٕȁ́مѕٕͥݥэɥхЁ̸QеЁхՑɕ)ՅɅѕ́ɕͽѥͽչՅݥѠݥ幅Ʌ܁͔Ȱͽѕɕ)ȁɔɵѥхЁ1ɽͽ́ ششȰ`ششఁɽͽ̹ܹɽͽ̹(ЁAI=MM%=90M=U9