Professional Sound - June 2017 - Page 42

ongoing training and IT expertise whilst resisting to the urge to “race to the bottom.” opportunities that are available. It is always good to have a tech-savvy person on a team with the client, but it is also im- portant to listen to needs of the entire key team members to fully realize AV projects. BOOKER: There is a lot of technology coming up in both the consumer and professional markets that is going to change the landscape of our AV industry in the next five years.  We are see- ing OLED being printed cheaply on materials now. There is also huge convergence of AV and IT and it will only continue to become larger in scale as we move for- ward. AV standardization is the key to the future. I would love to see … unified standards to which all manufacturers must conform in order to correctly predict AV outcomes and help prevent consumers from making poor choices. MCCARTHY: Customers and the purchasing process have changed significantly. Our customers are much more savvy, usually highly informed about the things they are buying, very demanding in their requirements, and are now owning the lifecycle of the systems that they buy. How we market and sell has to adjust to meet that change. Information used to be the currency that we traded in; now, information is just another commodity. RUSHTON: Access to information is a double-edged sword. Access to simple interfaces has become the norm and is expected, thus we find clients make assumptions and see simple interfaces as the status quo; however, on the contrary, many contractors are using the same approach as they have in the past, particularly when it comes to control system GUI and workflow, resulting in a disconnect. WILLIAMS: This has created a greater client awareness level, which we feel is good for our industry overall.  There is more video content available today for a client to get a well-rounded idea of what they are looking for or see what others in their industry are leveraging. There has been an increase in our inbound sales leads with clients requesting larger full-scale systems and having a list of manufacturers they’ve ]Y]Y[܈۝X[\˰\H]\[\\ۈݚY[\\Y[YX][ۈۈH\[B[Yܘ][ۈ\X ԑQԖHTӋ[[܈\X]BU\Yۋ][^B[[B[\][ۘ[[˂USSSNHY[Xܘ]]H[XۚX]H\ B[\[[\X]H\^\[\XH\]H\^\˂XHZ[\YۙY][YXY[H\X]K\][ۘ[[[\Hۜ[\[ۋ\ۙHH[ZHYHZ[[\[Y[Y [H\\X\[HوB\[HXZ[^HوHX] UYZ[\]ܜ[ZH]\^H]HHYZ[\\[K]^H[]HHXKΈ\H\H[H\[܈[Z[[][B[[]HHYۚYX[[\X ]]H܈Y]]KۈHU[Yܘ][ۈ[\H\HK܈\\˜[H[H[ZHYH[Y\H܈[HX\ۏTTӎH\H\H[\\Y]ZXܛۙ\š[Yܘ]Y[Z[[[\][Hܘ[[YY܈][Y\X[ۘ[]Y[\\H][\\]HXB\XK]\HX[]][ۈ]][Y[][H[BHوۙ\[H\8$[ܙHXHZXܛۙ\˂SSSPST[\[X[Y\TUNH\HX[YH[[]^][ۈو\\Yۈ[XۚXš[\H[YHYY[X\[Y\X[\^\™܈Y][YۘYK\[H\Y[X[X\] \H\B[HYH[ ]\\][\[\\XX[H[HX[ [YY][HڙXYY[ˈ]8&\[ܙHۘ\[š\][\H[\\H[ ]\\\HZ[H][ۂو8'[Y\Yۋ[Z[[ [XYZ[\\۝X8'HXXYH\\[[]^][ۈو\[\X\]\KB[ˈ[ٝ[K[Y[Yܘ][ۈ^\\H[&]HYۛ[KH\\܈ۙ\[Y\[\[ 8(ёTSӐSSPTNX\X\]H[]ZXH\HHقH\[]Y\[[\ˈ[[Yܘ]ܜš]HYXHو]\^H[Z\\Y\˜\KXۙ ݚ[[YHHY[\[^\˜Y[[\ܝ[]]\[ܙH[]\^KB]HY[\[\[HKˈZ[[[Y\BH[Yܘ]܈\ZY\YۈHH]^H[ݙHZ\Y[ HH؛[H\H[YY]HY[8&\[܈H[[H]ZY[ Z[[[HX^H]ZY][ [[K[\HۜY][ۂۈHX[YX\[۝[H[Yܘ]܈۝\[YHܙX]X[X]H\[\˂TӎۙHوHY\[HYH][ܙX]HYXU\[H[Yܘ][ۈ\HZYܘ][ۈق\X][ۈYU[[\\ˈH[\˜[[]^][ۈ܈X]HH[]HXZ[YXΈ[\[YH[Yܘ][ۈ[]\وۙKB^KY]X[][ۜ[HYX[ۈو\]]]BY[\[ˈ\[\[ Z[Z[]BX[[[[و\ XK[\˂[\[H[Y]H[\\[\YXYH[\\ۜ\ˈ\XZ܈ۙY\]\ZB\X[ܙ\ۋ[\XZ܈\X][ۈ[[™ܛH[\H[ ]Y[][Y\H\X]B[\H[YH\]H[H\ X\Y\ۜ\[ZKB\\[\Y\X\Y[^\\˂[][\HY]܋Z[PYYوٙ\[ۘ[[