Professional Sound - June 2017 - Page 39

AV integration for immersive experiences and museum exhi- bitions. An immersive sound is critical to the success of such projects. What is nice is that now the tools are more efficient and easier to use. grators of late, offering several brands or product series designed to integrate well with one another. Is this a trend you’ve noticed, and if so, has it had an impact on your work? BOOKER: We have been in many discussions with our clients with regards to VR and augmented reality, especially in the medical field. Although this is more based on consumer models, it is only a matter of time, as we have seen in the recent past, that it will transfer into the professional market and become more mainstream. BERGERON: We understand why manufacturers use this busi- ness model. Sometimes, it is very accommodating and makes coordination less complex – one person to deal with, faster, etc. Most of the time, we decide to hand pick every component, regardless of the manufactur- er, because … we want the best part at every step of the installation for specific features. MCCARTHY: We have just seen the beginning of immer- sive environments for niche clients. It will grow with AR and VR and become more mainstream in the next few years. PUTHENKULAM: Augmented reality has not found its place that it truly deserves; currently, it’s just a piece of cool tech- nology. Think about a scenario of training a field technician on th