Professional Sound - June 2017 - Page 34

any sports fan even remotely familiar with the Canadian Football League could tell you, Saskatch- ewan Roughriders fans are as loyal – and loud – as any you’ll find across the major leagues. Considering Saskatchewan and, more specifically, its capital are among the smaller markets for professional sports in Canada, the green-and-white faithful support their club in greater num- bers and with far greater fervor – sometimes wearing watermelons on their heads – than one would ever expect. As Regina native and one-time Rider guard Ben Heenan once told Vice Sports, “I think the loyalty between the fans and their team is very representative of the type of people that are in Saskatchewan. Loyalty, dedication, and hard work are all characteristics that Saskatchewan has been built with.” Those are also characteristics that were integral to the recently completed construction process of Mosaic Stadium, the Roughriders’ new home field for the 2017-18 CFL season. The $278.2-million facility is the product of over 800 con- struction days and the first landmark project of the City of Regina’s three- phase, $1 billion Regina Revitalization Initiative. The stadium – easily among the most recognizable buildings in its home city – features visual appointments like a massive spectator roof covering the sunken bowl and a continuous con- course surrounding the sleek, horse- shoe-shaped structure. And to compete with the hoards of fans hoarsely screaming support at their home team, it also features a significant sound system that ensures consistent, even, and yes, loud coverage across every seat in the standard football configuration. Mosaic Stadium 1910 Piffles Taylor Way Regina, SK S4P 3E1 In the spring of 2011, then-mayor Pat Fiacco formally rolled out plans for the Regina Revitalization Initiative with a focus on the new Mosaic Stadium. The new facility would replace the Roughrid- ers’ longtime home of Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field, which hosted its first CFL match in 1936. The design aspect of the project was awarded to Dallas-based firm HKS Architects, Inc. in a joint venture with Toronto’s B+H Architects, the architect of record. Construction began in early 2016, with PCL Construction at the helm as the general contractor. 34 • PROFESSIONAL SOUND The 33,000-capacity stadium (ex- pandable to 40,000 in a special event configuration) was designed to not only connect with the surrounding community, but also to create a feeling of spaciousness while offering an improved level of com- fort and in-game experience. Among the features that contribute to those goals are its spectator roof and open south end zone, the wide main con- course, the majority of the seats being part of the lower bowl, a general admis- sion lounge for patrons, and improved access to concessions and washrooms. The design flexibility also offers the ability to host different events of different scales and capacities throughout the year – like the recent Regina Rocks Mosaic Stadium concert that featured perfor- mances by Bryan Adams, Our Lady Peace, and Johnny Reid. While such events – particularly music performances – will typically bring in alternate sound systems, the stadium’s integrated system is adaptable for sev- eral different configurations; however, its primary goal is to keep Rider Nation informed, interested, and immersed in the game. PCL enlisted the help of both Winni- peg-based technology integration firm Advance Pro, led by Peter Bernatsky, and the sound system design expertise of Canadian engineering consultancy firm Smith + Andersen, led by Dustin Su. “We didn’t play what’s considered the typical role of the consulta 8'HH^ BZ[[]H[\]H\B\[X[Hܚ[ۈH[YHX[H\œXX۝Xܜو [ۙ]8&\™[XX[۝X܈وXܙ [X[B[\JHݙ\YZ[H[\[HKBYۈ[[Yܘ][ۋ8'\H\Y[[][X][ۈ[Xܘ][ۋ[X[HX]X[Y[]\[ۙx&\^XB][ۜ8$HY[ H[[Y\B۝Xܜ)'B[[XH]]و\[B[Y[ \]H^\\H\[&][H\X[XH܈H]Y[œ\[K8'H\H][\Z[\[[B\]Z\[Y[8$YX[[YX[]K][][HZ[[8$]]B[وH^K]\ۈY[H˜[Z] [\[YH\]H\Yۈ][YY]H\]Z\KBY[][X\XK[\K\[B\\[H]\][\Y]ZY[[\˸'BH^\HY [][[\™[]\H[Z][H[^\Y[K8'B[Yݙ\YH]]\HX]B][Y []\ۜH܂]\X][H\H[[YXH܂YX8$[Y\Y\XZHZ\[›܈HH[[\\][\]\˸'BHX\]H\X]Y\[H^B\YۙY[]\[[Yݙ\B[\HZ[[HHXZ[Hۘ\\[\Z]\[ B\XXX\ˈHH8$\\Yق\[\[[8$[X[[]B[YKY^Hݙ\YKZ[[XB[ۈ]H\وHX[]K][š[HXܛ[]\X[Y[œ\]Z\[Y[[Y[[Y\[BY[˂8&\X\[ۈ\X]]H\Y\X]\^YYXZ\ݙ\BXZ[ [Y[ ͍Y []]ZY ZY\[ M HXٙ\˂8&\Е L H[[\^\\HYYY]Hۘ\\[\[\›[[HH۝۝X܈\Y\˜ݙ\HX[ًZ\K[Y[۝[[XZ[[[[\Y܈B[\[Z]\˂'HXو\H\X\\H^ B[Y[H[\YۙY[]]Y]XHۋ\ܝ[][8'B\]H\ˈ8'܈^[\K^B]HYHX]]Y[H\[YXX›\X\^H[\H܈۝[B[ۜ܈\ܜܘ]H][˸'