Professional Sound - June 2017 - Page 31

LIVE ROOM and, in addition to owning and operating his own studio for 12 years, also teaches at Metalworks Institute and does studio design consultation. “Jay was one of my students at Metalworks, where I taught a basic electronics class,” Sairan explains, “and I found he had answers to a lot of the things that were beyond my knowledge. I was never going to bullshit people if they had a question about how some- thing works that I didn’t have an answer to. Jay had the answers to those questions, so one thing led to the next, we developed a friendship, and then started working together.” Young’s background is in electrical engineering. Over the past 25 years, he has worked primarily on government-related projects. “I got into audio basically as a hobby,” Young says. “But from the moment I saw some of these large format consoles, I re- alized they’re exactly the kind of thing I knew how to fix, wanted to fix, and would enjoy fixing.” The pair started Mod My Gear roughly two years ago with an eye on providing full service audio production and custom gear design as well as repair and maintenance. Sairan also had a personal connection to Subterranean Sound. “The owner and I were friends since junior high school and played in bands together,” he says. “I put together my own room and installed an SSL there and he and I worked together there.” They lost contact over time but later reconnected via Lake. Following the acquisition of the console, Sairan and Young were tapped to work on it in tandem with the head engineer. “Anyb Gvv2fFvRvV"FW&^( 2v2vrF&RVVV@bG'W7B&V6W6RN( 2BbƖRRrv^( &RrvF0&'( 6&626&BRFW67&&RFRFW62( FRV6&bfFvPWfR66W>( ( 2RbǒF&VRbF2FW6vW7FV6RFPFW"Gv&R6FVBBFRv&VW6R7GVFf6WfW"@BF( 2"7GVF2FRG6W'&BvWfW"v2FRf'7B`FRF&VRF&R'VB( FRG6W'&BWfR66R2FR66RFBFW'0&RV7W&VBv7B2f"2626&ƗG( 6&62FBЦrFB7V'FW'&V6VB2FVRf"BvfVF@RBǒ&V6FW2G27F'BVFw&VR'WB2V֒ЦVFǒVƖfVBFW6RBFG2gV66GvRN( 2&BFFvWfW'RFB&V6&FVBFP66RfW"FRBv0'fW6ǒW6VBWFV6fRЦǒ'vV&vR'F@VvVW"vVfbVW&6`&VFW2fRFW"'BЦ7G2vW6VBFR&&@6VFRFRƖ6R@F&R7G&G2v&V6&FV@FV"62'&FW'2&2'VBFW6vVBspB&vǒFW7FVBf "7GVF2FR6&"Ц&V6BbG6W'&@B"FFR6Ч6^( 27FGW22( V6&( Ц2VFW'VB'FPf7BFBFW&^( 26W'FVBbחFwGF6VBFBR62( FW&R&R6֗2ЦVFrBVG'VRf7G0&WBBƖRWfVFRd7F'6FRFP7GVFFBvVBFP66RFR( 5B60FWFFVB"6V'V6WBFBv62VЧG'VRFR66R6V@g&FRWfRf7F'0S"6V66R'W@Bv2ǒfVBWBFC6V2( g&vBVЦFW'7FB( R6FVW2( vV&vR'FvVBF'WW'BWfRB6B( ( BƖRRF'VBF066Rf""7GVF2( ( ФR&VƖWfW2FBVW&6B'Fv&VB66VǐvFWfRFW&2b7V2Цgrg&WVV6W2( vB0v2FBvV&vR'FBvVfbVW&6vFVBWfR66Rvf"G0&rB&7rg&WVV7&vRF6VB&RVB6V"ƖR"466W2FBvW&Rf&PGW&rFRV&ǒ( s2( ХFR&W7F&FbFP66R2&W7B6&7FW&V@2'BG&V7W&RVB@'B&F7VW6ǒ6WWRBN( 2fW'V6vr&6W72bFPv&2&VVFR7V"ЧFW'&V6VB66RFP66Rv27FVB&VvǐF&VRV'2v( vRBBWB'VrBB&G0'WB&V6W6RN( 26V֒Ч&fFR76RvRfV( @&Vǒ&VVGfW'F6r6v^( BfR&G2BFVञ( BRƗ7Bb77VW2vFFR66RBv^( BfP( R62( BWFv&2F6&RbFR66W2( Х6&WG2( 6RB7G&rv&rvVFvR`FRWfR6W&W2FR&RЦFV6W76"FFRG6W'&BB65466W2( ФV&r&WBFR6ЦVvW2FRG6W'&B&RЧ6VFVBB6VG27V62( Ŗ^( fRWfW"6VVЧFrƖRF2&Vf&^( VV@V~( 27W&6G( WfW'PWB6r( GFW"v@Rr"vB66W0^( fRFVBvF^( &PvrFV6VFW"Fw0^( fRWfW"6VV( V"F@VFR&BBFF( B&VƖWfPB'WB7W&RVVvvPFRv&rv2vW&R@6VB&RFRFW&&&G2FrFFvFVV7G&Ц72v26WFVǒWG6FR`Fr( B6VV&Vf&R( ХV~( 2&W7BwVW72FW&2bv( vV'WW'@FW6vVBBFW"670WfW2vW&Rf&RBwVW72vV&vR'FvFV@$dU544TB( "3