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Gear at a Glance Main Left & Right Arrays 8 x d&b audiotechnik J8 Loudspeakers (per side) 3 x d&b audiotechnik J12 Loudspeakers (per side) 6 x d&b audiotechnik V-SUBs (per side, flown behind main arrays) Deck Stacks 2 x d&b audiotechnik J12 Loudspeakers (per side) 2 X d&b audiotechnik J-SUB Subwoofers (per side) Centre Cluster 8 x d&b audiotechnik J12 Loudspeakers 3 x d&b audiotechnik J8 Loudspeakers Gallery Delay Cluster 6 x d&b audiotechnik Vi12 Loudspeakers Lip Fills 8 x d&b audiotechnik Y7P Loudspeakers Under Balcony 8 x d&b audiotechnik E6 Loudspeakers Proscenium Fills 6 x d&b audiotechnik Yi7P Loudspeakers Corner Fill Speakers 4 x d&b audiotechnik 10S-D Loudspeakers Balcony Side Speakers 4 x d&b audiotechnik Yi7P Loudspeakers 4 x d&b audiotechnik E8 Loudspeakers Mix Position Fill 1 x d&b audiotechnik Yi7P Loudspeakers Amplifiers 24 x d&b audiotechnik 30Ds 4 x d&b audiotechnik D80s 2 x d&b audiotechnik 10Ds Front End Processing 3 x Meyer Sound Galileo 616AES Loudspeaker Management Systems Digital Signal Distribution 1 x Optocore X6R-FX-8AE/8LI (FOH drive rack) 3 x Optocore X6R-FX-16AE (one per amp rack) 1 x Optocore X6R-FX-8LI/8LO Console Soundcraft Vi1 Digital Mixing System (with fibre package & remote 48 x 16 x 8) put together a spec for the system, and when funding became available for the project in late 2015, the job was put out to tender. Van Dijk has an intimate knowledge of venue, having designed the aforementioned infill system years earlier as an employee of PA Plus (which has since been absorbed by Solotech and become the Montreal-based sound and lighting company’s Toronto office). Engineering Harmon- ics is also the audiovisual consultant on record for the major upcoming revitaliza- tion, “So there was a desire for continuity there,” McK- endrick notes, “since this system will be the system used in the new hall.” The spec was heavily based on research, includ- Hangs of d&b J8 & J12 loudspeakers & V-SUBs ing a look at rider require- ments from visiting produc- That would end up being the same tions and input from a stable of touring timeline for the integration of a full stage audio engineers on their general needs lighting system a year later, in early 2017; and preferences. however, the challenge was compounded “I wanted to be able to send our for the sound system by the fact that it production list to anybody and have the required some significant structural work questions stop there,” McKendrick states. inside the auditorium. That meant meeting the highest reason- “The lighting was more of a tour-style able SPL demands while still providing package and less invasive of an install,” the fidelity for more sensitive acts – so McKendrick says, noting the lights went basically, ably covering everything from a up on three pre-rigged trusses akin to a whisper to a scream. rental package. “The PA system, though, The resulting spec was built around involved a complete installation with con- d&b audiotechnik’s J-Series loudspeakers, duit and a rigging upgrade to support the the German manufacturer’s large-scale rein- capacity.” forcement solution. In addition to the main Previously, the venue didn’t have house system, it included a full complement the necessary weight capacity or hanging of amplifiers and processing, a replacement points to support a line array system that of the existing house fills, a small but versa- could properly cover the house, and so work tile digital console, and the incorporation of was done to reinforce some of the overhead an Optocore fibre optic network. beams to take on more weight and add new Solotech Toronto was awarded the rigging positions. Even that presented a few contract in January 2016, and as McKen- extra hurdles because of Massey Hall’s status drick notes, “It was a really compressed as a National Historic Site. timeline,” with the system needing to be But even without the structural integrated and commissioned by the hard work, the venue’s age and unique nature deadline of March 31 st . presented some inherent challenges. Massey Hall 178 Victoria St. Toronto, ON M5B 1T7 416-872-4255 PROFESSIONAL SOUND • 27