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SIGNALS Erikson Commercial Names New Sales Executive in Quebec & Ottawa Region Erikson Commercial, a division of JAM Indus- tries, has announced the appointment of Claude Rivard to the position of sales exec- utive for the province of Quebec and the Ottawa region. ERIKSON COMMERCIAL’S “Claude is well CLAUDE RIVARD known as an industry veteran and is passionate about his new role,” says Arthur Bronstein, division manager for Erikson Commercial. “We are pleased to welcome Claude as with his wealth of knowledge and his technical expertise along with the offerings of Erikson Com- mercial, we know that we have a winning combination.” Rivard can be reached at 418-955-5907 or at For more information, contact Erikson Commercial: 514-457-2555, Harman Professional Changes Canadian Distribution Structure In an effort to make its Canadian distribu- tion consistent with its corporate structure, which organizes sales teams to focus on specific vertical markets, Harman Professional Solutions is changing its distri- bution structure in Canada. SC Media, B&J PRO’S MARK FINN Harman’s Canadian distributor for more than 30 years, will now focus on the enterprise and rental markets while JAM Industries division B&J Pro will now be Harman Professional’s Canadian distributor for the retail market business. At JAM, Harman Pro sales will be overseen by Mark Finn, GM of B&J Pro, working with the existing B&J reps. Finn comes to JAM after eight years with SFM. For more information, go to http://pro. 12 PROFESSIONAL SOUND InfoComm Introduces Several New Show Features for 2017 The 2017 InfoComm Show will return to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from June 10-16, with exhibits open from June 14-16. New this year is a day of emerging trends education on June 13 th , which will feature the inaugural class of Emerging Trends Fellows that offers presentations from experts chosen for their knowledge of a cross-section of critical technology areas. There will also be the new Center Stage, located on the exhibit floor, where AV industry thought leaders will showcase case studies and real-world AV solutions to c ѽϊdѕȴ)ɥ͔ѕ䁍̸)ͼ܁ѡ́啅ȁ́Q%Q丁%مѥͥɥ)ɕᅵѡɅѕЁXѕ䁙ɥ幽є)5ѡ܁1աѡɥѽ䁍ɕѽ́ЁAȰ٥Յɕȁ9䁑)Ań)Q%ͥٔQA٥́܁ɕѕѼ՝ѕɕ䰁٥Յ)ɕ䰁ɕ٥ͽѥ̸%ЁݥՑ̵ɥ́ѥ)YH٥ɽ̰ѕ́ݥɸ܁HYH٥͕)ɍXѥ̸)ȁɔɵѥѼܹܹ͡ɜ)% Í͕UѕMхɐ)Ց ٕɅUɵ)% %ѕɹѥ́ɕ͕ѡѕхɐ)Ց ٕɅUɵ䀡 T1ѕȁɕ̀9M$%9<) =54ȸܤѡ՝ѡɥ Tхɐɕ͕䰁݅)ͥȁՑٕɅ͕٥ɽ̰ѡ܁ٕͥ)ѼٕȁЁѕȁɕ̸Q́əɵхɐɽ٥́ɽɔѼ)ɔ́Ѽͥѡչɵ䁽ٕɅQхɐݥ)مͽЁܹɜхɑ̸%ѥ% ݥՈ)ͥ͠եեѼɽͥ́Ёѡхɐ)ȁɔɵѥѼܹɜ)M49܁ɥѥ)ѱX)AɽՍ́ )ѱ́չ)ɥѥѹ͡ݥѠM4)ݡݥЁ́ѕͥ)ѱé́ͅ)ݽɬɽ́ +qm]tٔѡЁѱ)͕ѡɔȁͤ)̰ݡՑ́ɽ٥)Xٕȵ%@ѡȁͽѥ́)݅䁙ȁɼX $ѕɄ)M4!D%8EU  )ѽ́Ѽɕѥєѡ͕ٕ̳t)́ͅ5 ɅȁȁM4qɽݡɔݔͥаѱ́ѡٽȁх)ȁѽѥȁ٥ͽѥ̻t)ȁɔɵѥхЁM4д`дİ͙)ܹ͙