Professional Sound - February 2018 - Page 48

PRODUCTS Eventide Anthology XI Plug-In Bundle Eventide has released Anthology XI, which it describes as an “everything” plug- in bundle. Anthology XI includes all 17 plug-ins from Eventide’s Anthology X bundle and adds six of its latest offerings to the collection. With the addition of Blackhole, Fission, Tverb, UltraTap, MangledVerb, and 2016 Stereo Room, there are 23 plug- ins available. Anthology XI comes with more than 2,900 presets across the 23 plug-ins, many created by acclaimed artists and engineers like Dave Pensado, George Massenburg, Tony Visconti, Vernon Reid, Richard Devine, and Joe Chiccarelli. The 23 plug-ins, available as AAX/AU/VST formats for Mac OS X 10.7+ and Windows 7+ (with no iLok dongle required), represent a combined value of over $3,500 USD. For more information, contact Eventide: 201-641-1200, FAX 201-641-1640, TSL Products MPA1 Mix SDI Audio Monitor TSL Products has released the MPA1 Mix SDI audio monitor. Part of the MPA (Monitor Plus Audio) range, the MPA1 Mix SDI provides users with an intuitive and flexible audio monitoring tool that enables easier creation of audio monitor mixes comprised of embedded SDI audio, AES, and analog audio sources. At 1 RU high and 100 mm deep, the MPA1 Mix SDI is ideal for use in the most confined environments, such as outside broadcast vehicles and lightweight flight-packs. Equipped with two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs, as well as AES and analog audio inputs, the MPA1 Mix SDI allows users to simultaneously monitor as many as 16 audio channels of their choosing. Mixes can be created using any of the available audio sources, whether embedded in SDI or presented as AES, analog, or any combination thereof. For more information, contact Sonotechnique: 800-449-5919, FAX 514-332-5537,, RME ADI-2 DAC Digital/ Analog Converter RME Audio has launched the ADI-2 DAC two-channel digital/analog converter in a 9.5-in./1HE housing, which is targeted at studio professionals and audiophiles. Using the latest 32-bit/768 kHz reference converter, RME SteadyClock technology for jitter suppression, and a powerful DSP processor, the ADI-2 DAC offers improved conversion and playback of digital signals ¥¹Ñ¼Ñ¡”…¹…±½œÝ½É±¸Q¡”½¹Ù•Éѕȁ™•…ÑÕɕ́Ñݼ¡¥ µÁ•É™½Éµ…¹”)¡•…‘Á¡½¹”½ÕÑÁÕÑÌ°¥¹±Õ‘¥¹œ„‘•‘¥…Ñ•¥¸µ•…ȁ½¹¹•Ñ¥½¸¸)Q¡”$´È ¥Ì„™ÕÉÑ¡•È‘•Ù•±½Áµ•¹Ð½˜Ñ¡”$´ÈAɼ½É•™•É•¹”½¹Ù•Éѕȸ%Ñ́¥¹ÁÕЁ½ÁÑ¥½¹Ì¥¹±Õ‘”„½…᥅°MA%½¹¹•Ñ¥½¸°)…¸½ÁÑ¥…°MA%½P½¹¹•Ñ¥½¸°…¹„UMȁÁ½Éи™Ñ•Èµ½¹Ù•ÉÍ¥½¸°Ñ¡”…¹…±½œÍ¥¹…±Ì…É”…Ù…¥±…‰±”…Ёѡ”Íѕɕ¼a1H…¹Íѕɕ¼I )½ÕÑÁÕÑÌ°½È…Ёѡ”QILÍх¹‘…ɐ…¹µ¥¹¤©…¬½ÕÑÁÕÑ́½˜Ñ¡”¡•…‘Á¡½¹”…µÀ¸)½Èµ½É”¥¹™½Éµ…Ñ¥½¸°½¹Ñ…ÐÉ¥­Í½¸Ց¥¼è€ÔÄдÐÔÜ´ÈÔÔÔ°`€ÔÄдÐÔÜ´ÀÀÔÔ°¥¹™½•É¥­Í½¹…Õ‘¥¼¹½´°ÝÝܹ•É¥­Í½¹…Õ‘¥¼¹½´¸(ÐàAI=MM%=90M=U9