Professional Sound - February 2018 - Page 45

Clair Brothers 1.5AM+ Stage Monitor Clair Brothers has released a new addition to its line of One Series 12- and 15-in. coaxial stage monitors: a self-powered version of the 1.5AM monitor called the 1.5AM+. The 1.5AM+’s internal factory-programmed DSP gives users crossover, EQ, and limiter control and a total of four preset options. It features factory-programmed processing that deliv- ers two 12AM Emulation Mode preset options (32dB gain or 38dB gain) to provide similar frequency response voicing and low-frequency phase response when deployed with existing fleets of 12AM monitors. The two remaining presets are options designed for low-frequency optimization on stage as the 1.5AM+ may be coupled with other two-way monitors or stage subwoofers. The Mon A preset offers a two-way phase vs. frequency characteristic and the Mon B preset includes an all-pass filter that aligns the low-frequency phase response with subwoofers across the lowest octaves. For more information, contact Clair Brothers North America: 717-665-4000,, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 45