Professional Sound - February 2018 - Page 44

PRODUCTS Rode AI-1 Audio Interface Rode Microphones has released its first audio interface, the AI-1. The AI-1 USB audio interface adds studio-quality input and output capabilities to the user’s computer, making home recording easier. With its Neutrik combo jack input and discrete Class-A preamp, users can connect a microphone, guitar, or line level instrument, such as a synthesizer. The AI-1 allows zero-latency playback by enabling the direct monitoring feature and playback via headphones/speakers with the discrete headphone amplifier. It features 48 V phantom power and is class compliant, so there is no need to install any drivers. Available as part of The Complete Studio Kit, the AI-1 comes with Rode’s NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone, SMR shock mount with popshield, and 20-ft. XLR and USB C/A cables. For more information, contact Audio Distributors International: 450-449-8177,, Meyer Sound VLFC Low Frequency Loudspeaker System Meyer Sound has added to its LEO family of line array systems with the VLFC very low frequency control element. The VLFC is the company’s first large-scale loudspeaker system specifically engineered to create visceral impact at frequencies below the threshold of hearing. By focusing energy into a narrow band between 13-30 Hz, the VLFC is capable of generating extreme variations in air pressure that are sensed by the entire body as compression waves while those frequencies at the upper end of its range are perceived as bass sound. The VLFC is a self-powered system housing two low resonant frequency 18-in. cone drivers. The onboard power is supplied by a two-channel Class AB/H bridged amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages for high peak power and clean transient reproduction even at extreme operating levels. Cabinet porting and internal baffling have been optimized to deliver maximum acoustic output in one octave that extends across the lower limit of human hearing. For more information, contact GerrAudio Distribution: 613-342-6999, FAX 613-342-8499,, FabFilter Pro-L 2 True Peak Limiter Plug-In FabFilter has released the Pro-L 2, which is a significant update to the Pro-L limiter plug-in. With four new limiting algorithms, a new true peak limiting mode, extensive standards-compliant loudness metering, surround support, and many other new features, Pro-L 2 improves on its predecessor while staying true to the original vision of simplicity and effectiveness. The FabFilter Pro-L 2 introduces four new limiting algorithms. Modern is the new “best for all” algorithm that produces better results than the Transparent and Allround algorithms from version one. Aggressive is for maximum loudness and is well suited for EDM or rock music. Bus has been designed specifically for drums and limiting of individual tracks, while Safe’s goal is not maximum loudness, but to avoid distortion at all times. The new true peak limiting feature in FabFilter Pro-L 2 makes it easier to hit a maximum true peak target. For more information, contact FabFilter:, 44 PROFESSIONAL SOUND