Professional Sound - February 2018 - Page 38

for Creativity IAN KELLY’S SUNSET HILL STUDIO By Kevin Young. | Photos by Colombine Drouin. W hen I get a hold of Ian Kelly, he’s on his way to pick up a Rogers drum kit he found on Kijiji. “Yeah, I’ve got the illness,” Kelly says, laughing. The “illness,” as any gear head will tell you, is the imme- diate and irresistible desire to get more instruments, record- ing gear, or other bits of music or production technology because, well, it’s there. That said, Kelly seems to have a mild form of the condition given that Sunset Hill, the studio he bui YX[\YHYHYX\YY[KBXXH[ \Y]]\X[X\]Y^\[\Z[ܙY\XYXYY\Hۙܚ]\Xܙ[\\ [X\YK[Y[[K\[[ܚ[ZY[H]\[X[[[Z[\K[HYΈ8']8&\ܙ[\^K'H[]ٝ[\ˈ]8&\H[ Zۛۋ[ \X\ۈ]]^HYB HZ[]\H[۝X[8$H[وXH\H[x&\BHH]K]Y[\[ 8']8&\HX]]Y[\XK8'HB[\\8'[[H[[YH[[۝X[[[]YK]\Y[ 'B8(ёTSӐSS[]]XK[H۝\][ۈX][ܚ[ZY[]Y[\\[\Y[[ܚY\وHY[H\[][ۈXܙ[X[]HZ[[HX\BNM]YHZ\و\ ]YYKHXK[X[H\›ݙ\[YK[Y]8&\Y[Y܈YX\[H]HوH\X[\\H[ZY L MHو[H[]\ [H^\[[H[[XXHHܙX]Y[ۙHوHXZ[[]XYH]XX[\H[\ۛY[[H\][ۋ[Z[\K[][\[X][\ۛY[ \YۙY[Z[[X\KBH܈[x&\\ۘ[\K[ۘ\X[^[HXKۙHو[x&\XZ[ۜY\][ۜ\^KB[HYK8'^HY[][ۈوX\\[Y[HH\Y] \Y][YX\Y8'HH ^YX\[[\ۙܚ]\^Z[ˈ8'\و^HY[][ۈوX\\X\[\][8$HY[\BX]Y܋YHY[ZHܚ[[^HZ[X\H[]8&\]H[Y BYX]][]]XYH\K][H[ ]\\XH^\K'BH^[][HXYY]\[ܛYYH\XYYHVB\[]H[]Xو\[YHܚ[[ۙK8'H[YHXB]\[[X[H ]H[Y]HH۝H]\[H]HK]\H[[HX]\H[H؝[\H[BHXY[Y][H[Z^[] ]]H[Y]]8&\[\\[[[x&\HXܙ[\[[Y[˸'BۙHوHX\ۜHY܈HX[ \\HXH\H\Xܙ[^\Y[\[H^\Y\[[ۙH[[HڙX\HBY[&\]HH\\Y[X\[HܙHXY\\ˈ8'HY]\