Professional Sound - February 2018 - Page 36

Meyer Sound CAL arrays along each of the four suspended trusses – 16 in total – to boost coverage on the field of play and, particularly, help push out more low-end, as they intentionally avoided using subwoofers for any part of the system. “Everything below 80 Hz in there is totally out of control,” Lafontaine notes, “so we decided to not even go there.” Lastly, to cover the press box, they chose to tap into some of the venue’s roof-mounted loudspeakers, and though it was a particular challenge, managed to properly time-align everything so that the media covering the event had as true an experience at possible. When it came to tuning and calibration – almost a three-day process – Lafontaine reinforces that timing was the main consider- ation, though they were also careful to avoid any slapbacks. “With the beam steering and a focus on direct sound, we were able to cut through that reverberant environment and get intelligible sound to every seat,” he says, noting they had levels of 90-96dB throughout the field and audience area – which Vincent says “may seem like a low level, though it was all direct sound” – with only a +/-3dB difference from the loudest to quietest audience seats. “Basically, they used only eight speakers to do almost half of the bowl, and the sound was perfect,” Tessier says about One Wave. “You could hear every word the MC was saying. Even the staff at the stadium was surprised; wherever you were in the sta- dium, you could clearly hear a conversation through the system.” “It was definitely a challenge,” Lafontaine says, “and that’s what made it fun. Everyone was set in the same direction to make it all work.” In addition to his involvement in the basic design and equipment selection, Tougas’ main role for the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships was as the house engineer throughout the week-long event. Tougas has mixed his share of events in Olympic 36 • PROFESSIONAL SOUND Stadium’s main bowl, including the anthems, announcements, and half-time show for the 2001 CFL Grey Cup in front of 65,000 spectators. “I know pretty much what to expect as far as frequency response, range, and directivity,” he says about the venue. His unique positioning at the judge level alongside the international p ɽՍѥѕЁѡЁ݅́ѥѡ 0)UAD@ɕɍаѡ́Ѽɕ䁽Ʌѥѽ)ͽݽɬѼЁ͕Ёɕɕ+q$݅́ɔѡ͕t́ͅѡٕɅЁ)ͥѥq ɽɕѥ٥mѡɽ՝ЁѡٕՕt݅)饹'eٕȁɐՍѕ䁥ѡЁ٥ɽ)$݅́ѡհѼѡmٕЁɝtѡЁѡݕɔ)Ѽѡ́ͥt)Q՝͔́e 0ԁх᥹ͽȁѡ)ѥqȁɕͽ̻tѡ͔胊qI䰁ѡ)єɕչ䃊LЁѡ䁍͕ѡ)ɽՍ̰ݡ͕́́ݥѠѕչ̃Lѡ)єݽɬٕȁɔѡЁѡЁ'eٕ䁙ȁݥѠ)eхɽՍ̰Ѽѡ5Ȱ)Aɽ5ĸͼѡɐѽȁɕմ՜̃L)ѡ͔ݕɔ͕հt)]ɭхݥѠѡɐ݅́ȁe(э̃LЁ= ͕́х)չѥٕȁeєݽɬݥэ̸q]̴)ѽ镐ѡeݥэ́ѼЁٕͥ)ɔ́ѡ́݅́ѡɅЁȁtQ՝́͡ɕ̸)Q䁡ѥэЁ= ȵ)ͽȁѡȁ嵹ѥ́Ց剅)Qх݅́ȁ5ȁMչ)؁ݽɬɽͽ́٥L̰٥Q՝́ɽ)ٕȁѡ 0齹́ȁ齹̰ɽɥ)͕́٥ѡ 0